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  1. If you look at some of the goals against, defensive breakdowns really hurt them. those particular plays have a lot to do with player decisions as well.
  2. Well folks, my wife bumped into this little senior. His human passed away in September and sent me his pic while at work. 1 day later he is home with us ive never adopted a senior before. It’s been a really interesting experience and spike is such a great little guy. Little chihuahua with a big and loving personality
  3. I agree it’s too general and too much variability to say “best” that being said there are leagues you should definitely scout heavily. Buts let’s not forget guys like Klimovich (who Cam Robinson coincidentally did not prefer at the time of the pick) can come out of much more unknown leagues
  4. DUNE 9/10 saw it in theatre with Dbox/3D. Very true to the book and what an epic of a sci fi. Need part 2 pronto.
  5. One general thing I’ve noticed about this team is that the bottom 6 of Highmore, Dickinson, Hoagie, Dowling, and the new Finnish guy all have some serious compete level. Both lines work furiously and it sets a great standard/culture for this team. Once Motte returns lookout
  6. It’s an interesting question for both EP and BB. I think QH is going to provide the type of impact that his contract requires but can BB and EP? Both are very competitive young guys so I’d lean on the yes side. Unless a trade was proposed that absolutely helps the Canucks was offered I wouldnt do it. If BUF was willing to do cap retention and Eichel for BB though…..
  7. Quality depth FWD. he’s got some good puck skills and as a local boy (?) what a great story.
  8. I’d disagree. There’s a lot of details a player has to recognize/execute and the NHL is such a high standard that it can be overwhelming. The goal I’m sure is that when Podz gets back into the line up, he’ll be better equipped to manage some of these details. Not all of them but at least improve in some areas. But you’re right in the sense that if he’s going to sit for an extended period of time then Abby would be better suited. IMHO both management and coaching staff need/want Podz to be an impact player so however they handle him is with his development in mind.
  9. Definitely a work in progress but I was encouraged to see a few plays where the team cut off the cycle and break out was clean-no turnovers. The defensive scheme requires a lot of athleticism and good execution to create turnovers/transition out. Hopefully it keeps improving. OP you should see the conversation on #canucks Twitter. Some people have such a personal disliking for JB that results don’t really matter. They just want personal vendettas re affirmed and would rather see the team do poorly. IMO, the team has definitely improved. I see a few areas where tweaks could/maybe be made. So as far as roster construction goes it’ll be interesting moving forward
  10. No Fricking way. Canucks have to win this because I hate this SEA crowd
  11. So I’m about to start work and check the score. ”2 - 1, sweet! They have the lead for once!” check the score after work ”WTH!” I will bury my head in the sand until they ring off some wins.
  12. One of the new guys I’m impressed with so far is Dickinson. Plays hard and always positionally sound. Would love to see him get rewarded on the scoreboard tonight.
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