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  1. I'm very curious about d zone play next season. I noticed the D and C had to work very hard to create loose pucks/TG turnovers. If the wingers wernt able to break out-D was absolutely gassed. Hoglander/Motte were very good at getting the puckout. Hopefully Podzkolzin is a difference maker in that regard as well. Shaw might bring in some d zone tweaks which help. Would be a huge difference maker if the Canucks can execute better getting out of the d zone.
  2. When Sekeres isn't reporting BS, he's creating narratives. He likes to make these inferences, often spinning it as profound and logical. For Powers, him going back to Michigan has to be tied to the Eichel situation in BUF.... One thing about VAN media is how they like to circle the wagons. This Ferraro example is good because it shows how little disagreement exists within VAN media. It's annoying but you've got lots of stuff to tune into if you're a Canucks fan. I'd love to see some of these guys reactions if the Canucks turn things around
  3. Barrios v Davis might be fight of the year. Barrios looking focused and has a big size advantage on Davis. I could see Barrios taking this one. Davis gonna have to show some elite level boxing to win this one imo.
  4. Canadian teams are the worst. Only the Canucks matter. MTL did their job vs TOR. Now they must lose too.
  5. I didnt want to weigh in on this. I have zero agenda. BUT Sometimes things can be misinterpreted. Jake strikes me as an honest kid, and given his age maybe a bit naïve at times. Could sexual relations between the two be misinterpreted at some point or in hindsight not completely on the same page? Sure. But what we (the fans or as a third party) hear through reports can make it seem like communication was explicit. And if that was the case, yes, you cant force yourself on anybody. Absolutely not. But if there wasnt explicit commun
  6. Nice. TG seems like a very open minded guy. Curious what sort of outside tweaks Shaw might bring to the overall systems the Canucks use next year. That combined with a tweaked roster could be a major boon for the Canucks. Already excited for next season.
  7. Based on my own eye test: I think Hughes is a much defender than he showed last season, and it was really bad at times. I thought he was getting beat on plays he normally wouldn't in his rookie season which was surprising. He mentioned at the end of this season his focus is on things that will help him defend better, so Im guessing foot speed/agility/strength & conditioning. He seems like a dedicated athlete, and as he matures physically and keeps improving as an athlete, we will see his defensive game improve as well.
  8. You want to trade Roussel for a bag of pucks but resign Sutter for 3x2.5? I like Sutter and all but 1 more year as a depth C if Beagle can't go is all I would do
  9. Not sure you've earned the right to call anyone in the NHL a "clown"
  10. It's got a bit of a dreamy shoegaze feel to it, which I like.
  11. Not to sound argumentative, but it often bugs me when people say TOR/VAN were re-building around the same time. TOR was losing and acquiring assets a lot longer than VAN with guys like Kadri 2009/Reilly 2012 etc. I guess when Shanahan/Hunters came on board they re-jigged things a bit to where they are at now (Marner at #4 and Matthews at #1 sure helped but that's debatable now too I guess). What I definitely do agree with is that there are different ways to build a competitive team. People should look at the draft history of this team and compare it with say TOR. VAN is often g
  12. I REALLY like Lockwood, but I think next year in the NHL might be too soon for him. Hes a slight guy, and even the AHL is a pro league, hed probably do well to grind it out for a season there and just continue to physically mature.
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