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  1. MAF must be on the radar for CHI and COL. He would be an instant upgrade for either team. But salary would have to go back in either case. I get that teams want to have 2 goalies to share the workload in a condensed season, but VGK have painted themselves into a corner and MAF's contract is probably the easiest to move.
  2. I've explained why BUF could not trade for Stamkos. They do not have the cap space and they still have roster spots to fill with their own RFAs. Stamkos is untradeable. Not because he is a bad player. Simply because his contract is $8.5m for another 4 years. With a flat salary cap and so many teams needing to shed salary there is simply not enough liquidity in the system. Too many sellers, not enough buyers. Add that to his injury problems and his NMC and you get an untradeable contract. The only teams that can take on salary dumps are OTT or DET, and there are younger, healthier and less expensive options than Stamkos.
  3. Buffalo do not have the cap space. $13.6 m currently on a roster of 19 players. They need to resign 4 RFAs to get up to 23 players. Reinhart, Olofsson, Pilut and Ullmark. After re signing these guys they might have $2m left., if they are lucky. Buffalo already have anchor contracts, they are not going to want other team's. The only 2 teams that could take on Stamkos contract is DET or OTT. But why would they? it would hamstring the acquiring team. Stamkos is untradeable.
  4. Good pickup by the Pens. It seems that Rutherford is one of a few GMs that has correctly interpreted the market for players and the need allocate cap space wisely. Well done sir.
  5. Absolutely. The problem is there are about 12 teams that need/would prefer to dump cap space and only OTT and DET that could absorb these contracts (as stated OTT won't want to). DET can't take them all, they can only take 1 or 2 at best, and why should they? Clearing cap space by trading bad contracts is only possible if there are teams able to take them? Apart form OTT and DET, who can do it?
  6. Run this idea passed the goalies first. I think I know what their response would be.
  7. I think the main changes have already been made to this roster. Flat cap and Covid concerns are going to made moving out dead capspace virtually impossible. There are so many teams looking to moves bad contracts, there are just no takers. They may be able to pick up 1 or 2 value signings but nothing major. They could roll the dice on a player like Madison Bowey. They could sign him for $700k and see whether he could rediscover the form that made him sought after as a Kelowna Rocket. Has played for WSH and DET which in fairness are not the best teams to learn to be an NHL Dman.
  8. I'm pretty sure they've noticed the gaping void between the pipes. If there were 6 FA starting goalies and 7 teams looking to sign them, then my math says that one team will have to make a trade or start the season without a starter. CHI trade Keith because he is well passed his prime with 3 more years left on his contract. It's hard to move today, it will get harder as he gets older. I'm not sure MAF won't recover from his DeBoer spat. He is still a genuine #1 goalie and a lot better than the remaining UFAs or any tradeable goalie in the league. Oh, Buffalo don't get to decide.
  9. To CHI : Marc Andre Fluery , 2 years left at $7m To VGK : Duncan Keith, 3 year left at $5.54m VGK inch towards the salary cap ceiling and get experienced veteran who is passed his prime. CHI get a starting goaltender and start to cycle out the old guard. At present CHI have Subban as the senior goaltender, and he has shown little to support the idea that he can be a starter. They need a goalie badly. With a condensed season and longer road trips and more back to backs, depth in goal will be crucial and at present Schneider, Craig Anderson and Howard are the only FA goalies that have experience as a starter and none of those guys are close to being as good as MAF.
  10. What Toronto. Acquiring highly skilled, highly paid offensive minded forwards to long term. I can't imagine them doing that. Oh wait a minute, that is exactly their MO. Seriously though, TOR have enough cap headaches as they are. There is no way they could take Stamkos as well.
  11. $8.5m for the next 4 years for a player that has struggled with injury and has a NMC. That's going to be a hard sell for any team. It seems incredible to think that Stamkos could be unclaimed if waived. Palat and Killorn are the most likely to get moved because of the size and relatively short term. The one contract that they could move easiest is Point's, but he is a future star for them, I just see them trading him away. I gotta agree with Provost, I can't see which teams could trade for some of the big ticket players.
  12. So I posted this 14 minutes ago and I am yet to hear a response. Surely you can find at least one answer to these questions. No? Want more time?
  13. Okay, this will be fun. Name a right side Dman that averages 21 mins per game that has signed a free agent contract for less than $6m per year? Name a right side Dman that averages 21 mins per game that was traded for a 3rd round pick? We eagerly await your long list of players.
  14. I'm sure that every year there are several offer sheets tendered but never signed. The offer sheets merely establish what the market value for the player is. The player agent then presents this to the players GM and he matched the best offer without the player having to sign the offer sheet. This ensures that the player and agent get the most money out of the deal. So although they are rarely used, offer sheets are an important way to ensure players get reasonable value. I bet Cernaks agent has a fistful of offers right now.
  15. If any GM won on 55% of his trades and 55% of his draft picks made the NHL, he would be the greatest GM of all time. The very best GMs make slightly fewer mistakes than they have successes, and they just hope that the failures don't sink them. Hopefully GMJB has a few more years in the job. Today should buy him another few months at least.