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  1. thats one of tony zambonis gifs, look in the bottom right thats his signature
  2. The ousted blunder was bad but he made up for it with his save in the 84th. Mattocks with a beautiful finish through the goalies legs but those other shots he missed were pretty bad I feel Earnshaw should have came on earlier. Also is it me or Vancouver almost never generates anything on corners?
  3. It really doesn't matter for scorers what side because if a lefty is on the left side coming down the wall he has the advantage of being able to take a quick shot as well, I think slower people should play on their off wing because its better shooting area but fast people like Jake should play right side because their speed can create opportunities and he can get quick shots off on the rush
  4. Well it at least helps that Benning has an idea what hes doing. Id rather we be a team like the blackhawks and kings(yes ones big and defensive and ones skilled and offensive) but they were hidden for a while but their GMs knew the model they wanted and they built. Some teams just try to replicate the trend of the league so when the hwaks won they tried to get skill and when the kings won they wanted size. I dont care if there is no big teams at that time cause at least he had an idea and a model of what he wants, not what the league is
  5. Nicklas Jensen revealing winner of Haida Hat tonight and no surprise its the man Lack attack!!
  6. Carey Price hasn't let in a goal in something like 163 mins
  7. Wow throw the gloves off buds you just dominated you're allowed to celly hard
  8. Yeah i hear but its kinda strange since he doesn't have a recurring history of migraines which makes it strange
  9. See toews and crosby saving it for when it matters :D
  10. powerplay they should have doughty be a forward he snipes
  11. Price looks a little lost, hope he recovers
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