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  1. For everyone who missed the goal, nice shot.
  2. I wasn't freaking out, merely giving my opinion on what I see when I watch him play.
  3. When I watch Jake play I can't help but think that he is following a similar path to those without high hockey IQ and constant effort/intensity. He has all the tools to be THAT player, I can't help but think a prolonged Utica stint would help him immensely.
  4. Left or right side? - 'It does not matter to me'. haha, actually excited to see him play, hopefully RD and sooner rather than later.
  5. For all of you that miss Sven's goals, here's a quick clip of them all. They are in the first 40secs@720p:
  6. Thanks for the vids Canucks1219, really appreciated from someone overseas. Good to see they are still using him on LW.. oh well. His skating and physicality is leagues ahead of most which is great to see.
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