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  1. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    I'm 5 hours into my 10 hour trial and have been enjoying BAP and GM Mode. EA have clearly put all of their effort into Be a Pro and it shows, I've been thoroughly enjoying my experience so far, even though there did seem to be a couple of interviews too many around the draft (I went 32nd overall as a goalie). I think I measured there being like 20-25 minutes worth of interviews in a row around that period. Hopefully the interview system doesn't get tiresome when I remake another character. I tried GM mode for an hour and it seems that most of what they have added were nice feature, just really unsure if they will pay off in the long run, need to put in 10-20 hours to know for sure. Anyone else picked it up yet? Thoughts?
  2. For me if JB does nothing for the rest of free agency other then some marginal depth signings then it's probably a poor mark from me, 3/10 sort of stuff. I hope he rallies and doesn't overpay a top 4 defenseman or signs Toffoli.
  3. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    Anyone interested in HUT have a look here, I'm not going to manually copy and paste this one as there is a huge amount of images. Also:
  4. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    NHL Franchise update, no video unfortunately. More images here. Welcome Franchise fans We’re excited to tell you about the new additions this year to Franchise Mode. Last year we revamped scouting, added coaching as well as line chemistry. For NHL 21, we wanted to address some community requests that you’ve been sharing with us. Trade Deadline We’ve added an all-new trade deadline experience replicating the frenzy broadcasted across the league every year. Before the trade deadline even begins, you’ll need to reevaluate your team and decide what route your franchise will take heading into the deadline. You’ll have four options to choose from: Seller Conservative Seller Conservative Buyer Buyer Your experience within the trade deadline will be shaped by this decision and will influence what kind of trade offers you’ll receive. Once you enter the Trade Deadline you are officially on the clock! Starting at 6AM(PST) you’ll have until 12PM(PST) to shore up any deals heading into the final stretch of the season. You’ll immediately notice that you’ll be presented with the top players on the trade block. You’ll also be able to see important information about each player like their contract status, trade value, and what the team is looking for in return. Whenever a trade is made, you’ll be notified via the ticker at the bottom of the screen that will deliver details on every move on trade deadline day. Just like the real trade deadline, the market value of players will fluctuate as the day goes on and you may see players go on or off the block based on prior trades a team has made. You can sort by all available players and view each team's moveable assets, the top 10 players still available, players who are “off the market” who teams have decided to keep, and players who have been traded. Once the clock strikes noon you’ll be presented with every move made and on your way to the back half of the season. Record Book A long requested feature has been the ability to view league and franchise records throughout your seasons as a GM. We’re happy to say we’re introducing an all new Record Book where that will be possible. The Record Book will allow you to sort through numerous categories including career, season and rookie records in league history. This includes: All-time NHL Career Stats Most Games Played Most Goalie Games Played Most Goals Most Points Most Assists Most Wins Most Shutouts Most 50 Goals Seasons 100 Points Seasons All-time NHL Season Stats Most Games Played Most Goals Most Assists Most Points Most Shutouts Most Wins All-time NHL Rookies Stats Most Goals Most Assists Most Points Most Wins Most Shutouts Franchise Leaders You can also view each team's current and all-time leaders in Career, Season, Rookie and Game statistics. As your seasons progress you’ll be able to keep track of any players breaking team or league records. Additional Updates Multiple Positions We’ve added multiple positions for some players, this will help with lineup generation. Draft Class quality & Generated Prospect Quality Two new settings that you can adjust before starting a Franchise Mode have been added. Firstly, the ability to control draft class quality. This setting controls the frequency of a “Strong” draft class occurring, with highly touted prospects. When set to High, stronger draft classes are generated more often every year. The second setting we’ve added is Generated Prospect Quality. This setting controls the quality of prospect generated in the NHL Entry Draft every year. When set to High more top end prospects are generated. Draft Pick Trade Logic We’ve updated the logic so CPU controlled teams will refrain from putting their draft picks on the trade block early in the season, waiting until their team is more established later in the campaign. Revamp Trade Value of Players You’ll notice a greater separation in trade value from player to player. Players like McDavid will have high value and be much harder to acquire. We’ve also adjusted the value of certain positions, centers and defenders will see an increase in overall value while goalies and wingers will have slightly less overall value than previous years. We are excited about the new additions we’ve added this year. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see down the line. We’ll continue to listen and act on your feedback. Edit: removed duplicate picture. Looks like a lot of basic good changes, looking forward to seeing how it all plays out, especially the trade deadline, hopefully that is a feature that makes you want to come back to it each year.
  5. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    What did you see that was different? I personally thought it looked largely the same.
  6. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    Anyone that wants to see some BAP gameplay- Looks like you get prompted for a coach feedback maybe once a period? Cut scenes seem like a good addition but I would imagine they will become like the moral system quickly. Gameplay looks the same for the most part.
  7. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    Can you please stop making/adding all of these gimmicky features EA and invest your time in actually improving the gameplay of the core modes for us fans that play the game for more than 10 hours..
  8. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    Oh look the morale system from Franchise has made its way to BAP where we can purchase watches and cars.. who the hell wants that 'build a legacy' option outside of the game? If you can turn that off then it looks like there are some small improvements, if not I'll be giving BAP a pass.
  9. ftmN

    NHL 21 Thread

    our boys make a couple of the cuts!
  10. And another one! Stars are standing still. Goalie changing time you would think.
  11. Stammer's first game since Feb, that's about the last time I played too. Thanks covid. Hoping for an entertaining game!