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  1. Check out the clenched jaw on buddy next to him.
  2. I'll buy myself a nice 12 pack for this purpose and pray I finish it by seasons end.
  3. Yeah... I would love it if Virtanen became a top 6 player. I would absolutely love to have to eat crow. Just because I personally don't think he will be based on what he has achieved so far, doesn't mean I don't want him to exceed my expectations. It's also interesting to note that you think the stats are a way of implying that he would be a "bust". I was only comparing him to top 6 power forwards, the players we all want Virtanen to become like. I re-iterated that fact many times.. Never once did I even remotely imply that he wasn't going to play another role. I personally h
  4. The whole power forwards develop later thing is a straight up myth. Very few of these guys went from being 4th liners at 21 to top 6 forwards at 26. Look at the best power forward wingers in the league the past few years, and look at their best statistical year by the time they started their age 22 season (which Jake will be doing next season). Iginla - 28G and 51P Benn - 22G and 56P Lucic - 17G and 42P Perry - 17G and 44P Neal - 24G and 37P (77 games) Simmonds - 16G and 40P Saad - 19G and 47P Kane - 30G and 57P Hartnell - 14G and 41P (75
  5. David Honzik.

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Still developing. I see a lot of Peka Rinne in him

  6. Wow the Pemberton lineup is trash.  Not good for any genre of music.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Nathaniel Ratleliff & the Night Sweats would be fun to see but other than than, nah. I don't smoke the devil's lettuce so the rest of it would be a bore for me. 

    3. -DLC-


      Didn't PJ play there last year?  I was pissed...I go see them every time they're here but didn't want to do the Pemberton thing.  Didn't hear much about it.

    4. b3.


      @debluvscanucks yes they were, they must have played for four hours. Was the final concert of the festival.

  7. He's basically putting the burden of the loss on Tryamkin for not going after Marchand, which is ridiculous no matter how you spin it. It was probably meant more as a testament to how well Marchand played, but still as a coach you don't say crap like that on a player who by all means has played great hockey the past few games. If Willie had said "if someone had gone after Marchand like Tryamkin went after Benn we could have won that game", then that would have been fair comment, but to call Tree out on it when that isn't even the way the kid plays his game is moronic. If you're going to
  8. Regardless of the context, it is an absolutely moronic thing for a coach to say in the first place.
  9. I used the "Search Google for Image" function on that picture and all I got were links for "From fat to fit 12 week transformation" programs. Dude had muscle, but he was definitely a chunker too.
  10. I'm not really going to get into it too much, but do people really think a professional athlete going out and partying every weekend isn't a bit concerning? I mean hey, I go out and party every week, but I know it takes a tremendous toll on my body. Back when I was playing hockey I was not as effective of a player at 20 as I was when I was 18 because I had bogged my body down with so much liquor. I lost a lot of speed on the ice and arguably lost strength despite being older and closer to my physical prime. I'm not going to judge anyone personally on their choice to go out a
  11. Those tweets are much ado about nothing. I despise the Maple Leafs. If they drafted me and offered me a contract they would be my favourite team in the league. What he said as a young teen and hockey fan almost certainly holds no bearing as how he feels currently as a potential professional hockey player.
  12. Hahaha my Girlfriend shows me InPower stuff all the time. It's a hoot. I've heard a lot girls talk about some pretty shady things that pretty famous athletes, actors and musicians have done or said.
  13. It would have been nice to see him sign, but Gaudette going back is what might be best for his development. He still needs to adds strength, and I think a season of being "the guy" for his team will help him to round out some of the kinks in his game and deal with the increased pressure and attention that comes with it. If he has another great season next year then he should definitely be ready to go pro. We still have his rights until 2019, so there isn't any need to be sweating about him not signing here.
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