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  1. Finally had a big showing to close that gap a bit. 19 points from Kings of Leon...
  2. Back in the pool baby... You may pick any player that is not currently on a team.
  3. Just entered.. Any Bennett points from Sunday forward are yours.
  4. I was a bouncer at Mirage for 2 years, had some beauties back then.
  5. Really ? I would be surprised if it's targeted. This actually happens all the time in Yaletown.. A few times a night on the weekend, sad but true.
  6. You do know it’s split system points and you don’t get any past points, right ? This is your last trade for the entire 1st round pool.
  7. It looked really awkward... Couldn't tell what it is...
  8. @Master Mind@Big-Country @70seven@Cromeslab@VancouverHabitant@I.Am.Ironman@Petey_BOI@Western Red@Herberts Vasiljevs Just confirming you all saw the swap rule change. Feel free but be careful if you use your 2 picks too quickly. Newtons law says that's when a major injury happens.
  9. Yeah that's my bad brother. I changed the OP. We did talk a bunch about it so I assumed people saw it, but I know we should never assume...
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