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  1. Sexual misconduct to racism.. Perfect team culture...
  2. AriGold

    NFL thread

    Literally the only position we don't need.
  3. TTD taking a dump on good earnings and an announced 10/1 split. not sure why the 20% drop but thinking of snagging 20 shares here to see what happens.
  4. AriGold

    NFL thread

    I traded for the 1st overall pick in my dynasty league to take Najee Harris. I need to change my league name this year and want to do something surrounding Najee. Any thoughts ??
  5. I bet NNDM will ride again, I snagged 1000 for a week or so.. 8 red days in a row, gotta assume at least 4/5 days will be green..
  6. As a die hard canucks fan I never realized we have had 6 seasons of Sutter. Would have said 2-3 max.. Weird.. Am i the only one ?
  7. 1x2M full NMC then sure. Nothing more.
  8. Washington should take on Anthony Deangelo.. Would make that rivalry even better. Deangelo vs K'Andre Miller
  9. I'm a big Wilson fan but this is inexcusable. His lack of respect for the game is similar to Matt Cooke, not acceptable.
  10. It's already all over twitter.. CDC doesn't hold a candle to the rest of social media and what's being said.
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