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  1. Buffalo arena when all your Canadian season ticket holders can't get across the border to the game. Gosh that's an empty building
  2. I need to invest in a game there one of these days. 5 hour drive for a $20 game is so worth it
  3. Sucks the nucks are so close to home for me and I still can't go see 'em. Miss going to keybank arena - good crowd over there. Been too long..
  4. So its not just my weak stream? Here I thought I was just watching on a dodgy stream but was just dealing with it
  5. I forgot how emotionally invested I get for hockey games, it's been so long. Team looking sexy with it.
  6. That makes sense. Probably what I was remembering. Thanks for clearing it up - cheers
  7. Why did I think this happened ages ago? Got the notification from the score app and thought "wow they are really behind that, happened like last month" came on here and Vintage just posted it. I have officially "lost it"
  8. Rogers had this issue a couple months back. No calls, texts, or data usage for like 20 hrs. Weird that these companies are having outages for so long.
  9. The sad thing is - anyone who plays those titles have the same comments about it just being a title update. They don't fix the things that are broken and bring in new things that are unnecessary. They've been so focused on graphics for too long they lost how to make an actual game. Each year brings more and more people complaining about the game but they still get sales so ea just turns a deaf ear to it.
  10. I never knew this man personally but remembering his courage and strength helped me through some really dark times. Kept him in my heart and mind throughout my fight. RIP Rick. I also need to give a shout out to a couple of people from these forums who have helped me as well. I am truly grateful and you've helped me a lot more than you probably realize. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you (you know who you are).
  11. Love this from him! I seriously can't put into words how incredibly inspiring this is to hear. For those who are not part of the community (or don't know anyone apart of it) know that the process to make a statement like this is not made overnight. Mans did not wake up one day and go "I'm going to shake things up and tell the world". However it's a statement that can make a world of difference. It's not about telling everyone you're gay, it's about eliminating others assumptions about you being straight. Unfortunately we still live in a world where you're assumed straight until otherwise presented and then slammed with "why do I need to know this?" Comments when you tell people. Double edged sword.
  12. Anyone know where I can watch the England vs Scotland match?
  13. Aces is straight out of nhl 21- when you make a new team. I like millionaires and canucks and don't hate sockeyes or falcons(but don't really like them either). Ahl has a lot of crap names though so I'm not expecting greatness
  14. Anyone else having a huge issue with ticks this year? Can't even walk around my backyard without getting one on myself or my pooch. My neighbour went to the extreme and bought a couple of guinea hens to try an deal with them. Normally I see maybe a handful throughout the year, this year has been so many I lost count.
  15. My general hatred for this guy makes me want to say "toss him out". Not at all professional (not surprisingly) but its a weak grab, it's just banter and hardly homophobic. If it means I don't have to see his face anymore though I'm all for it.
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