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  1. Being the classy guys that they are, you know the Sedins took a big part of the blame for how the team is performing lately in the players meeting -- but SHOULDN'T HAVE. Their production levels are just fine. It's Gillis (the idiot who most of you have said is a genius time and time again) who should take the blame, as he is the one who has surrounded the Sedins with nothing but plug forwards being paid wayyy too much money.

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    2. PrimeMinisterBure


      Also, could everyone who kept posting the team's "great" W-L-OT/SO record up until just a couple weeks ago in response to any complaints about the team please step forward? There are a lot of you, and I would personally like to make a note to not read any of your posts from this day forward.

    3. PrimeMinisterBure


      Weiss, Volpatti, Lapierre, Schroeder, Raymond, Booth, Kassian...

    4. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      i remember when burrows used to be a plug. now he's the most important piece of the team

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