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  1. No worries, guys. I recall nearly every one of you saying at some time not too long ago that we have "one of the best GMs in the league." So, I'm sure we'll be fine.

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    2. PlayStation


      He hasnt really assembled this team, he just add minor parts, and a bunch of bad contracts

    3. PrimeMinisterBure


      News flash! No "rock solid" team would play the way the Canucks have on nearly a nightly basis for almost an entire year. But you go ahead and just keep blaming the coach, because it's so much easier.

    4. Newsflash


      PMB did Gillis rough up your bum bum? PS he got piece internally and externally. He's added many good contracts and 2 bad contracts. The big internal pieces developed under Gillis for many reasons (e.g. Sundin mentoring). Who would have thought Kesler and the Sedins would do so good.

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