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  1. Big moves/shifts going on right now. The FLames are now the Oilers, and the Canucks are now the Flames. Awesome, thanks Gillis!!

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    2. PrimeMinisterBure


      The Canucks are contenders? lolololololol Do you honestly think the roster right now is better than the one that was bounced in the first round last season? If so, you're insane; if not, then how can you argue that they're contenders when they couldn't win more than one playoff game last season with a better lineup? Wake up -- this team is done for a lonnnnnggggg time, thanks to our fantastically horrid GM and his terrible drafting/scouting, trades, and free agent record. Wayyy to...

    3. Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Wedge-tailed Eagle

      The team that was bounced in the first round last season was missing Daniel Sedin for most it so yes this roster is better

    4. canuck_trevor16


      go away troll and never come back

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