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  1. Can't wait to see him at training camp, and hopefully Utica next year...maybe even this year.
  2. Well that's disappointing, was looking forward to seeing our 2 big prospects play each other.
  3. Ok, so a step down, but not too much. Good to know.
  4. Great to hear how Rathbone is doing. Is there much of a difference in QoC when playing for Harvard vs Boston College's or Northeastern type schools. Those that traditionally have a prominent hockey pedigree.
  5. Meh...i havent beem impressed with him. I dont see him on the bigs for a few years yet
  6. Maybe that's why he looks a little awkward and slower than expected out there. Adjusting to the growth spurt?
  7. I know nothing about him, other than plays in the Q, which does inspire confidence in me