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  1. Can't wait to see him at training camp, and hopefully Utica next year...maybe even this year.
  2. Well that's disappointing, was looking forward to seeing our 2 big prospects play each other.
  3. Ok, so a step down, but not too much. Good to know.
  4. Great to hear how Rathbone is doing. Is there much of a difference in QoC when playing for Harvard vs Boston College's or Northeastern type schools. Those that traditionally have a prominent hockey pedigree.
  5. Although it has only been 3 games, at this point he will have to come into camp and put on a show to make the starting lineup. Right now, I think Utica would do him a world of good for a year. Get some games on injury relief.
  6. 1-0 Michigan late in the second
  7. And then who's to say what affect that would have had on Jake? Maybe it lights a fire and next thing you know he starts living up to expectations. Then everyone would crucify Benning for not taking the hometown boy. You can't win as a GM in this league till you hoist the cup...then you win...for that year anyways.
  8. Meh...i havent beem impressed with him. I dont see him on the bigs for a few years yet
  9. Maybe that's why he looks a little awkward and slower than expected out there. Adjusting to the growth spurt?
  10. Cause they're all on the PGT talking about Jakes hit
  11. Poor kid...he'll get stronger and grow from this. Its the only thing he can do.
  12. Good gawd, can it be game time already. These conversations are terrible, can't wait to actually have something to talk about
  13. He has certainly seemed to get a little fiestier as the game progresses, which is a key to his game.
  14. Can't disagree. Hoping he turns it up as he gets comfortable. All he needs is a couple breaks to get that confidence going.
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