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  1. So, the funny thing is, as I read all the Greener hate, Coaches always get the gears. No matter who they are or what they do. So, being an armchair enthusiasts, it's probably best to trust they know what they are doing.
  2. As much as I loved the goal, that pp still needs a lot of work. Very little movement, slow, indecisive. Not what I remember seeing in the past.
  3. Ugly...maybe we should just bench the lotto line, they are a liability out there tonight.
  4. Well, that was a stinker...all around. Don't think I could say that any player on the ice put in enough effort. Outsourced, outhustled, unmotivated and inspired. What a barfy game.
  5. Definately a penalty, lapse of judgement there by Hoggy, he had loads of space to give the goalie a few extra inches, he didn't need to cut it that close. Playing on the edge does that, I have no issue with his play or the call, as unfortunate as it is.
  6. Nice start to the season. I have no problem losing with an effort like that. We will win a lot of games if we continue to play that way. Loving the Garland OEL additions, Benning looking like a champ.
  7. It will be real interesting to see what they set for lines on Wednesday. I see alot of posts having Garland with Petey and Boeser, seems real soft to play against. I prefer your second set of lines. Then if Sutter and Motte ever come back, that could really make for a nice 4 line system.
  8. That and his outlet passes..well passing in general.
  9. Hunt definately a stalwart piece on defence, Rathbone exciting to watch on offense, but a little nerve-racking on defense
  10. Joulevi does a good job at getting shots through, nice lateral movement on the line too.
  11. Yah but, OEL said the start of free agency is his deadline and he will stay in AZ, so Marky can't test free agency, before the trade is off the table.
  12. Seems to be some bad blood there now, can't see them not moving him now. That would make for a real ugly next few years.
  13. Maybe it isn't a bad idea to sell high in Demko after that unreal playoff performance. Find another young goalie with potential and let Clark work his magic. We would still have Marky at top form for at least 3-5 more years I would think.
  14. Huh, would you look at that, we actually have a pretty good record when these guys ref our games. Lol
  15. I don't disagree, but does that mean we let Marky walk, or sign and trade? Don't know we can afford to keep both. Going to be a real interesting couple years. Cap management is going to be ridiculous.
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