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  1. To me we are in a win win situation. We make the play-offs great, we miss the play-offs we get another good pick. Until JB came here we were one of the worse if not the worse drafting teams ever. I remember for years in the 90's everyone talking about Holden who was our top prospect for years, he still hasn't made the team. This team reminds me of the one PQ build in the early 90's with Bure and Linden etc. We are about to turn the corner with this team and then watch out this is going to be a great ride.
  2. For a playoffs the Canucks aren't in this is the best it can get. Both the Leafs and the Oilers heavy favorites both losing in the first round. Best possible outcome.
  3. Sorry you had to go trough that but glad to hear the little man is doing well.
  4. I always felt like they planned to let Green go at the end of last season, but then after how well we did in the bubble they felt like they had to keep him. But know that this season was a train wreck they can just let him walk. I don't dislike Green as a coach however I always thought he was brought in as a developmental coach who would be replaced when the team turned a corner skill wise. I liked that plan if true when he was hired and still do now. I think its time for a coach that complements our team, hopefully that guy is available.
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but one of Bennings biggest obstacles was the terrible draft history before he signed on. You can go back farther then this but the 5 drafts before he was hired Horvat was the best player but after that second best was Ben Hutten? We had no cupboard at all it was so bad.
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