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  1. We have 3 rookies and a sophomore playing defense tonight this should be interesting.
  2. Now we play Montreal 3 times in a row who we have beat once in our last 8 matches.
  3. Pretty sure that's the only one there is. Gamecenter Live usually gives you the choice of home/away this year you get what you get.
  4. Curious what difference does a condensed schedule make? It's either worth doing or not the length of the schedule makes no difference. If it is kept this way can I make a suggestion, that in the tittle of the thread is changed to mention the page that the PGT starts so people don't have to sift through 150 pages to find where it starts? Personally I find the PGT much more valuable then the GDT, but that's just me. Just realized the thread tittle does mention the start of PGT, I recant.
  5. I'm so confused, I don't know which team to cheer for.
  6. Yeah I know he asked who is going to replace Pearson, my response was Pearson. Why on Earth would we not re-sign him?
  7. Pretty sure it will be Pearson who takes his place, very unlikely he's not re-signed IMO.
  8. All those picks you like have been in the last 5 years, so you should be pretty happy.
  9. The great thing about him too, is that because of all the recent Rookie success we have had he feels like found money.