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  1. Well that's not saying much he was terrible last year too.
  2. I think they are ok until Sutter is ready to come back.
  3. Well Petey was an excellent defensive player his first year and now he's not so I guess he just got old? I can forgive the lack of points I understand that points come in bunches and its a matter of milometers, it's his lack of passion and effort disturbs me. Last year was the same no passion.
  4. I'm not a big Green supporter but I doubt that Green has told Petey to play with less effort. This is all on Petey IMO when you demand to be paid the most and miss Preseason and part of exhibition, you best come out playing like a Tasmanian Devil, but he's playing more like a lamb out there. The way I see it is that if your going to demand the money which he did you need to show up ready to earn it which he didn't and as long as he is cashing the cheques excuses don't count.
  5. Well this is the problem he doesn't look like he's working hard, at least not like he used to.
  6. I'd say he works a lot less on Defense now then his rookie year he was like a dog on a bone now he plays hot potato.
  7. I think his main problem is he has lost his motor, he played like Hoglander in his rookie year and every years since it's been dropping. He'll still get points because of his deployment and PP time but he wont be the player he can be until he gets that drive back. This is starting to sound like a car commercial, maybe he needs an oil change lol.
  8. In the preseason he called a game and I was thinking WTF was that. He has lots to learn yet but he is growing on me and I've changed my opinion of him being hopeless to him having potential. I feel like as he grows confidence he will learn that he doesn't have to fill every second of empty space.
  9. yep your right meant that more as a figure of speech it wasn't all.
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