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  1. Most sports fans in Canada are hockey fans from what I can tell. Some of those like Baseball and some like basketball. I live in Ontario and most people here could care less about the Jay's. The Raptors are more popular but I'd still say they would be lucky to have 1/3 of the fans the Leafs do. So to answer your question Hockey is still King in Canada.
  2. This is what I always do when I get a new mortgage I do a 25 year term then I set my payments to the amount that I am comfortable paying. So for example I just renewed my mortgage that has 20 years left on it my payments are just over $600 bi weekly I asked them to instead take $1000.00 which brings my mortgage down to about 12 years. The advantage to this is if for some reason I fall on hard times I can call my bank and I'm right back to my $600 payments. Where as if I locked into a 12 year term I am stuck paying $1000 bi weekly till the end of the term. You can also do an extr
  3. Another thing I've noticed is unlike every other generation before it kids these days need to have the Nice brand new car rather then the junkers we all drove as our first cars and the houses need to be equal or better then the house their parents live in even though there parents have slowly upgraded there house over the years with several purchases.
  4. Yeah cause Demko has earned the right to let a bad goal in and not be scrutinized.
  5. KK is 24 in April, I don't even understand how he is considered a Rookie. Boeser is 2 months older then him who is in his 5th season in the NHL and played a few years in College after being drafted to give you an idea how old KK is.
  6. So Every GM expected the Cap to go up and had to madly scramble because of the flat cap so we are in the same boat as everyone in that sense. That being said it seems to be downplayed or overlooked completely is amid all that Benning got smacked with a $3 million plus recapture for Luongo. No other GM had to deal with that and IMO that is a really big blow. Imagine thinking the Cap will go up $3-4 million halfway through the season to nope your going to loss $3 million. He did pretty good all things considered.
  7. I was listening to the radio and the thing I find crazy is that the NFL is looking for $200,000,000 per game for Monday night football and they currently have a $142,000,000 dollar offer for it.
  8. I'm not 100% sold on our coaching staff, but I can't for the life of me figure out why people want to get rid of Benning. It makes no sense to me at all. Also even though I'm not completely sold on the coaching I recognize you can only pick from the available options when your looking to fill those positions. It's not like you can say I like TB's coach you work for me now.
  9. I will be the first to admit I had zero faith that was going to happen. Good Job Canucks and especially Demko.
  10. The Hab's are playing Hockey and the Canucks are playing hot potato.
  11. My wife asked for my help for a couple minutes I come back and the Canucks scored 2 goals.
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