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    I live with my wife and daughter 5 minutes from the Beach. I run my own small company with three employees.

    I love being able to keep in contact with fellow Canuck fans I wish we had a website like this when we were young fans.
  1. Everything I have seen out of the NHL since the 2004 lockout says the most important asset a play can have now is speed. Speed, then finish, then size. I have seen no evidence at all Schroeder will not become an NHL second liner. By time he is 25 he definitely will be.
  2. Lions had a great team they just played a tough game. In a 3 or 5 game series they smoke the Stamps
  3. I have no idea how you guys are getting all these answers. Good for you guys. I cant pull it off.
  4. Congrats to the Stamps. Sucks for the Lions. I thought they were supposed to be the favorites
  5. Thats what I was going to say beat me to it.
  6. FACT: The NHL owns the Stanley Cup, all the teams , and the buildings or leases to play there. The NHPLA own nothing nor even the right to play in the NHL. FACT: While franchise superstars are not easy to replace, they ARE eventually replaced. All the other players are continually replaced slowly every year and are therefore teh league will be replenished in 6 years. The 'superstars' come from the DRAFT and yes it will take a few years to replace them. FACTthe players will NOT hold out for years and slowly will start leaving the NHLPA because their careers are short and t
  7. Congrats to Alex on his new extension. He has earned it !!!
  8. Drybone


    I thought for sure he would win more than 1 slam , but it wasnt meant to be
  9. Done. See you when the season starts (or something big breaks)

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      this place will test even the most focused persons patience. Time away from here is essential to your sanity

    2. Drybone


      thanks dude. I know. I don't plan to post very often so I wanted to get to know my fellow canuck fans when I had this downtime in my business for july I will be back

  10. ratted out PaulKariyaALH's secret plot against the Mormons
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