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  1. Rathbone also had some brutal turnovers in the defensive zone though too.
  2. Special teams have been a huge letdown. Shooting gallery and Sabres built momentum, carry the play and get rewarded.
  3. Pretty even period in terms of the amount of chances generated. Difference being we were able to capitalize on the chances we got and Demko held his ground.
  4. When Sutter's back yeah I would either play him with Miller or maybe Petey. Probably Pod with Petey. He played up and down the lineup and all 3 forward positions in Dallas so he can probably do so here.
  5. NHL setting an example here. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.
  6. Hopefully not. He is on a temporary leave of absence. If he was done then I don’t think that door to come back would have been made available for him. We don’t really have many other options. His cap hit and ability to come back from a leave of absence hinders any cap we would take back in a trade.
  7. On the PP and when we’re down a goal I would have that. So far though Poolman has shown he can work with Hughes or OEL but I like him better with OEL personally. We need Hamonic back. It would Allow Myers to play with Rathbone. We can then spread out the minutes 5v5 and it give us another PK D that we could really use. Hopefully whatever the issue is isn’t too serious. We will have to make due for now.
  8. Like most players we just gotta hope the good outweighs the bad. Miller is a good example of this. Defenseman(and goalies for that matter) should probably be looked at a bit differently since they’re in more of a constant position to look bad. Unless you’re being sheltered of course(ie Rathbone) but OEL will likely be facing the best offensive talent teams have to offer every night. If he can show high enough levels of consistency then it will definitely go a long ways to contributing to any success we have. Personally though we should keep tabs on the right side especially. Burroughs and Poolman have been better than expected but how long can that last? Hopefully Hamonic comes back at some point to help shore up the right side. The more depth we have the better and the less we will have to ask from players. Right now our forwards have been a bigger issue though. Need to get the PP going and some of the key forwards in turn.
  9. Well if you look at the context we played two full 3v3 OTs and we were down 1 goal for most of the game vs DET. Also the PPs we had never scored much so a lot of full 2 minutes played out on the PP.
  10. Game just came out and it usually takes EA a bit to patch things up. Hopefully the first update will fix that.
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