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  1. Green took a middling team and got them 1 game away from the Conference Finals 10 months ago. I know a lot has happened since then but he did get that team to overperform and in the process that team he coached somehow broke the will of Vegas in that playoff run (thanks to Demko). Green's an NHL caliber coach, no need to slander him like this. He just wasn't given a playoff worthy team this year and we all know it. My theory has been that I believe Benning and Weisbrod are going to be fired after they complete the season. They're then going to let the new GM or President of Hockey
  2. Holtby's only got 1 year left on his deal. He's not on some giant contract for the next 4 years. He'll be a good backup --- or a goalie they flip --- especially if the rumors that the Kraken are looking at Chris Driedger as being there first starter. May be good to have some insurance in the event that Driedger isn't up for the task of being a full time starter in the NHL. I also see Holtby not being taken and a guy like Jonah Gadjovich or Zack MacEwen going instead. A younger forward going would sting but it wouldn't be the end of the world so it's possible. I just feel like Holtb
  3. I feel like if it was Akim Aliu, it would have come out last year when he was in hockey news. For all we know, it could be a prospect who was in the system during the 2010 Championship win. It's all heresy until the player goes public with his name. Regardless, this is a heartbreaking situation for the player and the fact that this happened at the NHL level is disgusting. You'd hope these creeps would get weeded out but they just don't. It's good to remember that SA doesn't just affect woman but also men.
  4. My gut conspiracy theory is that the Aquilini's are thinking about firing Jim Benning. I felt like they were gonna keep him up until the scheduling debacle where it was revealed that Benning signed off on an NHL approved schedule that the players weren't comfortable with which led to J.T. Miller's now infamous press conference. I have this feeling that Benning has lost the room and that with the recent firings of guys like Davidson/Gorton that there's some premium Executives that are available at a time when they shouldn't be and I can see the Aquilini's perusing there options. And in order to
  5. Didn't he have a contract terminated a few years ago that he tried signing with Edmonton? Or is it the other Vladimir Tkachyov who is around the same age that had that happen to them? If it is him, I wouldn't be shocked if Edmonton is a contender for his services... especially if Ryan Nugent Hopkins seeks a bigger contract elsewhere. The Canucks should get a Russian or two in the lineup to go alongside Podkolzin next year. Tkachyov would be an instant upgrade over someone like Virtanen if he's willing to play a top 9 role on the Canucks with options to move up and down
  6. Luke's a former Carolina Hurricanes pick from back in 2018. I don't believe Ron Francis ran that draft but I'm sure they had scouting meetings where his name was brought up. Cool that he's the Kraken's first player under contract. He'll probably enjoy playing in Palm Springs next season.
  7. Lindblom is gonna win this but it's nice to see Motte get nominated. His advocacy work for mental health is to be commended. Good on the Canucks for picking him as the nominee.
  8. I doubt Nugent Hopkins agrees to a sign and trade with Buffalo. When Eichel is moved, whoever they get needs to be under contract because that team is going to be bad for awhile. I feel like Carolina is a subtle contender for Eichel. They're a piece away from being contenders and have the defensive depth to part with some high caliber guys but still remain highly competitive. Florida, NY Rangers, and Columbus could also be interesting landing spots. In a Columbus deal, you can center it around Laine + picks (CBJ has 3 1st rounders this year) + Seth Jones on
  9. Rumor has it that Rod Brind'Amour was the Kraken's first choice for Head Coach because of his connection to Ron Francis, the current Kraken GM. But this makes a ton of sense. Rod is a Hurricanes legend and he's made for a really good head coach. I do believe that he took a lowball offer and should have been paid in the 2-4 range and probably could've used the Kraken as leverage to get paid more but real estate is cheaper out in the Carolinas so I guess his money will go further over there then it would elsewhere. Travis Green is on the low end for NHL coaches too so he'
  10. Hate to break it to you but Ferland's not coming back. He's in Nathan Horton/Chris Pronger/David Clarkson territory. He's going to be on LTIR until his contract ends. His concussion issues are too serious to reasonably expect that he'll ever come back. But if Gadjovich could turn into a poor man's Ferland, that would be a huge win for the Canucks.
  11. I'll say this --- I'd rather see Edler back in Vancouver next season than Brandon Sutter. I think if you bring back Edler, you're doing it because of his veteran presence. This team lost a lot of character last offseason by letting Tanev, Markstrom, Leivo, etc walk. And it was really felt. Though I believe letting Tanev and Marky walk was the right thing to do -- it still stung. If you bring back Edler, its got to be at a steep discount. As others have said, you give him Hamonic money. The Canucks technically have leverage here because Edler has basically said that he o
  12. Big fat L for the NHL. So disappointed in the league's decision. I kind of hope the Rangers refuse to pay the fine. They were right and justified in calling out Parros and the Department of Player Safety. What Wilson did too Panarin was not only career threatening but also life threatening. And the resulting opening faceoff fight wouldn't have happened had a reasonable punishment for Wilson been handed out. Bettman's a joke.
  13. Babcock would be a hell no. He seems toxic. I also don't think he'll take on a coaching job until after his Maple Leafs deal is paid out since he won't be getting that kind of money again. Gallant is my first choice. What he did in Florida and Vegas was remarkable and he seems like a good culture creator. I think the Canucks are close to being relevant again, they just need a guy like Gallant. Boudreau is another interesting candidate. He is a playoff choker but he creates winning cultures, can't deny that. I'm curious about Bob Hartley. He did win a Stanley
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