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  1. If Klimovich keeps his pace up in the AHL and Podz keeps struggling... should the Canucks consider calling up Klimovich and sending Podz down to Abby? I don't think the big league club wants both on the team at the same time right now but I'd be interested to see how Klim does in the NHL soon.
  2. Dowling is a C. Podz is a RW. If you should be mad at anything, it's that Highmore is in over Podz since Highmore is playing wing. Also... Gaudette is a scratch for Chicago lol.
  3. I expect him to get claimed again. Surprised that the Kraken didn't hold onto him longer. He's been a hyped up part of the Lightning's system for awhile now. Don't expect the Lightning to get him back yet.
  4. Doubt Petan gets claimed. Good local kid, should be up and down between Van and Abby this season. There isn't really a spot for him when the team is healthy, especially in the Top 6. Dowling is a better bottom six option than Petan. Will be curious who gets waived once Motte returns.
  5. I feel like Arizona is about to extract a 2nd rounder for the Shaw contract.... Shaw's deal expires this year and nobody is expecting the Coyotes to get to the upper echelon's of the cap this season. Could be a win/win. Buffalo and Anaheim could also be landing spots if they can get picks out of Chicago.
  6. I will not be surprised if the Flyers re-waive MacEwen sometime later this season and the Canucks re-acquire him and have him go to Abby. That scenario seems likely to me.
  7. Much like Santa, Lou Lamoriello works in mysterious ways. XD
  8. Yes, Jim Benning is good at drafting. The fact that the Canucks have 2 defensemen, 1 goalie (will be both goalies next season), and six forwards in the lineup that were either drafted or homegrown (I counted Zack MacEwen as the sixth since we signed him as an undrafted CHL free agent). That's 9 players out of a 22 man roster that have been selected by this team (now, mind you, Horvat was counted too but picked by the previous regime -- though he was developed by THIS regime). That's nearly 50% and that's helluva impressive. If you count Lockwood and Dipietro as guaranteed callups this season that will bring the number up to 11. When in Canucks history have up to 11 homegrown guys played on this roster at the same time?!?!? Sure, the Canucks flamed out on Juolevi and Virtanen but a lot of teams miss in the upper rounds of the draft. The Blackhawks whiffed on Jack Skille and Cam Barker in the era when they were picking high but hit on Kane, Toews, and Seabrook. The Penguins whiffed on Pouliot, Angelo Esposito, and Ryan Whitney at a time when they were drafting the likes of Fleury, Malkin, Staal, and Crosby high. It happens to all teams. The fact is that Petey, Hughes, and Boeser all hit and they hit big. Rathbone looks like a steal and will probably have a better career than Juolevi. Juolevi, ultimately, wasn't the right pick and wasn't the right fit. Between injuries and Covid, it just did not work. It just makes sense to give him another chance elsewhere. I wish him luck but this move isn't an indictment of Benning's draft. He's done good work. Benning hasn't been the absolute best in the league but he hasn't been terrible either (Gillis lost his job because he couldn't draft to save his life). In fact, Benning is probably the best consistent drafter in Franchise history. In fact, I think moving on from Juolevi shows that this management group has matured and learned from their mistakes. Instead of holding on hoping for something to happen that wasn't going too, they cut bait and are moving on. I'm glad this won't be a conversation going forward and I wish Juolevi the best of luck wherever he plays going forward. Same as I hope we find a gem or two in the players coming our way.
  9. Juulsen has already cleared waivers so he can move back and forth between Vancouver and Abby pretty easily right now. Also a BC kid. Hopefully he's got some fire under him to make an impression with his hometown team. I like Lammikko too. Probably explains why Di Giueseppe was waived.
  10. I really like Jacob MacDonald. He's had 43, 42, and 55 point seasons in the AHL. Looked really solid when he was playing in Colorado last season. Really surprised to see him be waived. He is a LD but I'd pick him up as the extra depending on what the Canucks are getting for Juolevi. He'd be a really solid depth piece.
  11. He literally hasn't played in the last three games (including tonight). And he hasn't practiced with the team in five days. He's M.I.A. If the Canucks can't find a way to trade him, he's getting waived. Rathbone took the 3rd pairing LD spot and Brad Hunt won the extra LD spot. He didn't play well enough.
  12. I won't be shocked to see Logan Brown get claimed by somebody but I doubt it's the Canucks. The Canucks need a R shot Centre right now. If Brown was a right shot Centre, I'd say the Canucks would at least be looking into it. If Brown does clear, this should give the Canucks confidence that they can get Juolevi through waivers. I know they play different positions but draft pedigree does stop mattering at a certain point and Brown & Juolevi were both drafted in 2016.
  13. Remember: If Gadj gets waived by the Sharks anytime this season, the Canucks can claim him back and send him directly to Abbotsford. Also, Kole Lind didn't get claimed.
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