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  1. Cant build a house without a foundation. He’s returning? What a nightmare.
  2. A younger, local Alex Biega. He'll compete for an extra D man spot but the most likely scenario is that he's the first captain of the Abbotsford Canucks.
  3. The fact that Jalen Chatfield and Alex Biega are Top 20 on the list with Gudbranson at 6?!? and Hamonic at 12 shows how weak the list is. I really like Hakanpaa but he's 29 and will be demanding term. I kind of hope the Canucks go after Brady Keeper. Former University of Maine player, has bounced around the Florida Panthers system. Could be a nice replacement for Chatfield as a #7 RD for this team and he'll be cheap to sign as a reclamation project.
  4. Arizona has a pretty good plan in place right now for the first time in forever. Tank for Connor Bedard and Shane Wright and use them to coax Auston Matthews to leave the Maple Leafs and play in the desert. Hometown superstar coming home to save the franchise that introduced him to hockey is a good plan for a franchise facing yet another rebuild after accomplishing nothing for the past decade.

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    2. Alflives


      Sure it’s a great plan if the end goal in to relocate the club.  Just move them to Quebec, where people love hockey, and they will have fans.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Because as we've seen in Edmonton, Toronto and Buffalo that tanking works so well....

    4. morrissex95


      Detroit doesn't need Bedard or Wright. They'll draft someone who is just as good that fits in there core, likely a European player that isn't on anyone's radar. Look at what Yzerman did in Tampa, nabbing guys like Point and Kucherov out of the first round. Arizona needs a superstar, they thought they were getting one in Strome and they had to salvage what was left of the asset and got Schmaltz for him. Schmaltz turned out to a far superior player on a great contract, so I think if Arizona wants to go scorched Earth then they can. 


      For next years' draft, I say Wright goes Arizona, Seattle picks second, Columbus at third, Buffalo at fourth and Nashville at fifth. We'll keep our pick, which you'd have to hope would be in the late teens of the first. If they trade our first, I'll hit the roof. I don't see Matthews signing in Arizona when his contract expires, I think he'll stay in Toronto under an even more grossly-overpaid contract. Matthews hasn't won anything and he's not the best player in the world, I'd say he should be getting $9M instead of $11.6M. By the time Matthews is a UFA, Arizona will either be in Houston or they'll be one of the best young teams in the league or BOTH. 






  5. No surprise. The fact that he couldn't make our depleted d-core this year said a lot. He's a good offensive defenseman but his defensive game is lacking. I won't be shocked if he ends up in a place like Arizona or New Jersey where there's real opportunities to crack the bottom six. He is 26 so it's now or never for him. Best of luck.
  6. Derek Ryan would be really intriguing. I think he was wrongly used in Calgary and could be a really nice depth piece. Good idea. I also think Jujhar Khaira could be a really interesting gamble for the Canucks. He's a hometown guy, could be a 4th liner, adds some experience to the 4th line for a team that wants to win and go deep in the playoffs. I won't be shocked to see him sign a 1 year. I wouldn't be surprised if a Euro signing-type player comes in to take the 3C/4C spot. Not sure who that would be but there could be someone who played in the SHL, NL, DEL, or KHL tha
  7. Canucks don't have the cap to bring Granlund in. Also, we don't need Granlund. I suspect the Canucks will sign a cheap 4C. Dickinson was brought in to be the 3C, not the 4C. Won't be shocked if Travis Boyd is re-signed. Schenn can be had for 1 year, not two. I like the idea of Schenn as a bottom pairing d-man. Hakanpaa would be great as a depth defender. He's a good target. I think Schmidt staying is more likely than Holtby sticking around. Holtby will be bought out if he is not dealt. Both more likely to be traded before training camp. If Holtby is moved, c
  8. He never apologized to his victim and he was convicted of a sex crime. This wasn’t a mistake. He recorded an intimate moment between himself and this girl, without her knowledge, and then shared it with others —- again, without her knowledge. It is a privilege to be in the NHL. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be paid millions to play a sport. You have to earn that. He didn’t. Excuses like this don’t do him or the sport any good. I’m not saying he can’t redeem himself but he asked not to be drafted and then gets drafted in the first round. It’s mind boggling a
  9. RE: The Logan Mailloux pick. This clip of Montreal Canadiens assistant GM Trevor Timmins being absolutely speechless when asked why Montreal picked Mailloux when Mailloux said in a statement that he didn't deserved to be picked is worth the watch. He sits in silence for almost a minute before responding.
  10. Florida and Carolina are good now. Montreal and Chicago are the organizations where trash people go nowadays. Cant think of bigger P.O.S’s than Marc Bergevin and Stan Bowman right now. They’ll happily take on Jake Virtanen if we offered him for free.
  11. How the hell did Trevor Wong go undrafted? He was a PPG player on the Rockets and was projected as a 2nd/3rd round pick. I hope the Canucks sign Wong as an undrafted player. He's going to be good and the only reason teams passed on him was because he's "small", stupid. Haven't teams learned that size isn't everything?!?
  12. CanucksArmy did a deep dive on him a few months ago as a goalie prospect Ian Clark may be targeting. The write up is here: https://canucksarmy.com/2021/07/01/5-goalies-canucks-could-draft-2021-nhl-entry-draft-koskenvuo/ At 6’4, Koskenvuo is very similar to Silovs in that they are both incredibly athletic goaltenders who have no problem sealing off the bottom of the net thanks to their long legs. Koskenvuo’s positioning and crease movement is a goaltending coach’s dream, as he has very little wasted movement, and has good positional awareness, similar to Michael Di
  13. I still can't believe that Devon Levi fell to the 7th round and was almost not drafted. He'd have been a 2nd round pick this year had he been passed over, I think. Levi was never gonna get a real chance in Florida with Spencer Knight and BOBROVSKY in front of him. Buffalo fans get a real goalie prospect for the future. Florida paid a lot for what could be a one season rental. Don't hate this deal for either team. Just wondering where Eichel lands. Buffalo looks ready to do a real rebuild.
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