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  1. He’s a Columbus kid. Shocked that the Blue Jackets aren’t doing more to bring the hometown kid home.
  2. A little surprised that the Oilers didn't sign Jimmy Howard after the Mike Smith LTI thing. The connection runs deep between Jimmy and Ken Holland. I can only assume Howard doesn't want to move to Canada for a season and be separated from his family. My guess is Jimmy is waiting on a US based team to call him about his services. But I don't feel bad for these goalies getting claimed. They're wanted by NHL clubs and will get NHL salaries because they are on NHL rosters... and that's especially good for them if they were on two way deals before getting claimed. And I think Grosenick, who the Oilers just claimed to replace Forsberg, was a two way guy now making his one way salary.
  3. He could but he won't. There's already a deal in place between him and the Canucks that I think he'll officially sign tomorrow. And as playboi19 pointed out, if he were to deflect to Winnipeg, he'd have to quarantine for another 7 days. Doubt it. Most likely Jets make a trade to get a guy on the taxi squad which is where Sbisa was headed. Though Ron Hainsey is available and could be signed if the Jets feel the need to add another d-man to replace Sbisa.
  4. I remember a couple of months ago, there were rumors that Evander Kane and social media star Jake Paul may enter the ring. This explains a lot as to why Evander Kane was even engaging in those talks -- he needed the money despite being in the midst of his monster San Jose Sharks deal. The truth is, hockey players are the most underpaid athletes in the major North American sports. The fact that Connor McDavid's salary is only on par to what an average NBA veteran bench player makes is kind of sad. I think it would be stupid for Kane to opt out of his deal or terminate it completely. It sounds like he could pay off the debt by finishing out his contract. The one good thing about the NHL, when it comes to the players, is that NHL contracts are guaranteed... it's not like the NFL or NBA where deals can be partially guaranteed or there's player/team options... it's all guaranteed. So Evander, if he sees the contract through, does have a path out because -- if I'm not mistaken -- the remainder of his deal is worth more than the debt he has. We also don't know what kind of endorsement deals he has and if there are side ventures he's been a part of that are making any money -- although it seems doubtful he's got many of those given how he's losing 91k a month. The truth is -- Evander, from what I've heard from folks in Vancouver who've worked at places he'd use to party at when he was home, was a huge party boy who traveled a lot, blew big money everywhere he went, was a notorious gambler, who was more into being flashy than saving his money responsibly. He clearly didn't have any financial advisors who had his back and it seems like his entire family piggybacked on him to earn all the money. From the dependents he has listed, the two Uncles and his sister, should be cut off first. I'm not sure why the Uncles are there. I get helping the Sister, she's only 27, but she's now at an age where she should be out of University and working a steady job. I get helping your grandpa and your parents out but it all has to make sense financially. The thing a lot of athletes forget about is that they're so young. By the time they're in there late 20's/early to mid 30's, they're being told how old they are, how they're a veteran, how the best years are behind them -- but in truth, in society nowadays, that's when life begins for most people. Most people start finding stability at that age whereas athletes are finding instability. And those athletes forget that these major league pay cheques will mostly stop 40. And that they've got a whole lot of life to live after hockey. Hopefully Evander Kane can find himself a way out of this mess and that his mistakes can be learning tools for other star hockey players coming into the league. Lucky for Evander, he's still pretty young, is on a long term deal, and should be able to find his way out of the mess he created... but that said, he's clearly not gonna have the amount of money at the end of his career that many would expect and I wouldn't be shocked if he plays a couple of years in Europe in his late 30's to make up for some of the cash he lost out on by being an idiot with his money. The lesson is, if you come into a windfall... hire a financial advisor and listen to them. Preferably from a major bank that knows what they are doing.
  5. I'm not sure how many NHL seasons Ben Hutton has left but he was one of the best media personalities since Kevin Bieksa played for the Canucks. I see a future for Ben Hutton in the broadcasting booth. His infectious energy would make him a great fit on camera when he's ready, probably would appeal nicely in getting Gen Z's to watch more hockey. But hopefully he can carve a few NHL seasons first. He was definitely a guy I liked more as an off ice personality than an on ice talent because they asked too much of Hutton too often while he was in Vancouver.
  6. Curious if anybody puts a claim in for Josh Ho Sang.... he’s the most intriguing waiver claim on waivers right now.
  7. I thought that too about him in that he could be a Clendening or Pouliot type -- but he's only played 2 NHL games (and has 1 goal in those two games)... so he hasn't really had the chance to prove or disprove him being in that category or not. And good to know about the taxi squad, thanks!
  8. The only interesting name on waivers -- besides Forsling, Megna, and Backes -- is Jacob MacDonald. He's a little older (27) but he's had back to back to back 55, 43, and 42 point seasons as a defenseman in the AHL. And that 42 point season was cut off at only 56 games last year. Not sure the Canucks make the claim but wouldn't be shocked if someone takes a flier on MacDonald for there taxi squad (unless Taxi Squad members must pass through waivers?!?). He's definitely an intriguing offensive defenseman.
  9. Yeah, not surprised. Canucks are thin at C in the prospect ranks and getting this guy to Utica is great. I expect Focht to be in and out of the Comets lineup this season but let's see what happens as most rookies do under Trent Cull. Excited to see how Woo & Focht (former teammates on the Calgary Hitmen) handle the jump to the AHL this season. This is the third guy from the Canucks 2019 draft class to get an ELC after Silovs & Hoglander. Podz will get one, obviously, and I expect Arvid Costmar and Aiden McDonaugh to sign deals in the next year or two. Jack Malone, Karl Plasek, and Ethan Keppen seem like wildcards to ink deals. Malone likely plays all 4 years in college before the Canucks decide to sign him or not. Still, good omen for the 2019 draft class. And it looks like Hoglander will make the team coming out of camp this year.
  10. Well, Malgin is Swiss and is playing in his home country. I do believe that Malgin was seen as a fringe player/Marlie vet by the Maple Leafs... and since he would have had to quarantine for 14 days just to get into Canada before getting assigned, likely, to the Marlies --- it makes a ton of sense for him to opt to stay put in Switzerland. He gets lots of playing time, is still under contract with the Leafs so he can return once his season ends, and keeps him fresh. I can't blame Malgin for opting to stay in Switzerland right now if an NHL spot isn't all but guaranteed.
  11. Well, Gudbranson is from Ottawa and is a hometown boy so it makes sense he gets the A. Likely plays a few years in Ottawa before heading overseas as his career winds down.
  12. He is a Columbus kid. Would be a coup for the Blue Jackets for them to bring the hometown kid home. I expect the Blue Jackets to be in on him.
  13. The Coyotes reuniting the Schmaltz brothers it seems.
  14. Bachman retired from goaltending and is now the goalie coach for the Iowa Wild.
  15. So wild to think that Stepan and Raanta were dealt for the 7th overall pick in the 2017 NHL draft (Lias Andersson) and Tony DeAngelo. Rumors have been lingering for awhile that Raanta has been dangled out there and with Stepan dealt for a 2nd... not looking like a great deal for Arizona... though, in fairness, the Rangers did deal Andersson for a 2nd to the Kings this past draft so there's that.... and I personally can't stand DeAngelo. I think a move similar to this for the Canucks and Eriksson could be in the cards next summer. Stepan only has 1 year left and is only owed 2 mill this season even though his cap hit is 6 mill.