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  1. Damn, this sucks. Way to alienate a passionate fan base. This might be one of the most boneheaded decisions made by an inept team owned by a trust fund brat who is too stupid to run his father's other, more successful companies. Oh well, its been fun. I've had a great time. See some of ya on reddit?
  2. Who would've guessed that Mike Babcock is still a dirtbag? Oh yeah, pretty much everybody but apparently Jarmo Kekalainen. The good news is that there are still some quality coaches available to hire like Bruce Boudreau who can step in before it is too late.
  3. He's not as mobile as Myers is. People forget that Myers won the Calder in 2009 as the NHL's best rookie. He's been a good to great defender for years whereas Logan Stanley kind of hovers in that "Tryamkin" tier of tall defenseman who can hit but isn't as mobile as he could be to be great. Stanley is someone who has been on the cusp of being waived by the Jets last season and could get waived sometime this season too. He's a bottom pair/extra d-man, at this point unfortunately. With all that being said, Myers is on a bad contract and that's why he's been the subject of trade rumors for years.
  4. Unfortunately, Steinburg just signed with Colorado today. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2023/08/colorado-avalanche-sign-matt-stienburg.html
  5. Who wants Sam Gagner when we can bring back 58 year old Canucks legend DAVE GAGNER.
  6. I'm getting the feeling that Brisebois had way more to do with the Lightning building up its dynasty than Yzerman did. Yzerman's moves here have been mind boggling and he's assembling the most mid roster of all time.
  7. Troy Terry really came out of nowhere and totally earned this deal. I picked him in my fantasy hockey league back in 2021, late round pick in a deep draft and he helped catapult me to victory because it was such a steal of a pick. I am surprised he agreed to a 7 year deal instead of an 8.
  8. I wonder if Edler is seriously considering retirement. If so, I hope the Canucks sign him to a one day contract so he can retire a Canuck. He's probably worthy of being in the Ring of Honour.
  9. I am surprised that the Canucks allowed Clancey to take a lateral position with another NHL franchise. I would’ve thought they’d decline to let him out of his contract but I guess letting him do this gives them good will around the league with future hires. That said, the Canucks have Rutherford as President, Allvin as GM, and Castonguay, Granato, and Johnson as AGM’s. I wonder if one of the scouts or analytics guys gets a promotion this year internally. Could see that happening. Honestly, it’s time to get Jannik Hansen into the organization.
  10. Yeah, he was really good when he was healthy. He's only 27 and if he can re-find his game and play a season or two without any major injuries, I wouldn't be the most shocked if he made an NHL return. With that said, he could also have a long European career if he wants it too. Sounds like he might be going down the European route. Play at home in Czechia and maybe then jump over to the SHL or Liiga or the Swiss league if he wants. He only played 1 game last year and in 2020-2021 he only played 3 games. Since 2020 he's only played 54 regular season games. Damn shame. I liked his style of play and always wanted him to play for the Canucks.
  11. if Bieksa is fired from Hockey Night in Canada, watch him get scooped up by TNT in miliseconds. Would be an absolutely idiotic move to fire Bieksa.
  12. Ah, dang looks like Yushiroh Hirano has signed an AHL deal with the Utica Comets. I liked him while he was with the Abbotsford Canucks. Good that he's found AHL work elsewhere, though. https://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/comets-continue-to-build-roster-for-2023-2024-season/n-5987759
  13. Makes sense. He’s a local kid. From Spokane. Great value signing too.
  14. I view the pick as the Canucks securing the rights to a guy that apparently was destined to be a College UFA guy. Don’t hate this gamble. Only don’t like that they used a 4th rounder on him instead of a 6th or 7th round pick.
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