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  1. Jim Benning feels like he's gonna be like Dale Tallon of both the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers. He'll be responsible for getting the Canucks to the edge of being great again but he won't be able to go all the way. I feel like Benning was going to be fired this offseason but that this recent Covid outbreak probably bought him an extra year because any implosion the Canucks inevitably have will be blamed on that and not the mediocre team Benning has assembled currently. I'm also not sure who the obvious GM candidates are if Benning was to get fired this offseas
  2. Loui retires this summer. They're gonna tell Loui he's going to Utica and he'll face a choice... play out a year in Utica or call it a career after he cashes in his July 1st bonus. I think he'll mutually terminate his contract with the Canucks.
  3. That Gudbranson extension that he signed with Vancouver has now been traded FIVE times. That's insane.
  4. Hayden Verbeek is the nephew of Red Wings AGM Pat Verbeek. I wonder if Hayden will get an extended look because of that with the Red Wings organization and isn’t just some contract matching throw in.
  5. Mete and Juolevi were linemates on the London Knights, reuniting them isn’t a terrible idea. I just wonder if Mete will slip past the Sabres, Red Wings, Sens, whatever before getting to us?!? I wouldn’t be shocked if the Sabres snag Mete after dealing Montour.
  6. GM JB hands out NTC's like they're going out of style.
  7. Should've paid him. Maybe they'd have 2 cups instead of 1. Now they're probably paying 5 million for Todd Reirden and Peter Laviolette combined. Which is ironic because Laviolette was the guy who took over from Trotz when he left Nashville. Either way, the Islanders could make a run this year and that's exciting for a franchise that was dead in the water a couple of years ago.
  8. I'm still in awe that the Capitals didn't do everything in there power to keep Trotz around. It's mind numbing that they let him walk after winning the Cup with him.
  9. It doesn't matter because the Canucks don't play until April 6th now but he's been in Vancouver recovering so he won't require quarantine. I expect Kole Lind to get into a game or two when the Canucks return to play.
  10. Dahlin is horrible. He's miles behind where Hughes is at. Hughes is the best defenseman from that draft year and it's not even close anymore. Petey for Eichel is an interesting swap but I'll take Petey. He's got the chemistry with Boeser and Miller already and has fully embraced this city. Eichel likely demands a trade this summer. Probably ends up either with the Rangers or with the Kings since those two teams have the assets to make a big move for Eichel. Also, good careers go to die in Buffalo and I don't want that fate to happen for either Petey or Hughe
  11. He's done for the season. It was a nasty injury and Coach Q said they expect him out for an "extensive" period. I suspect that the Panthers will now be searching for a rental d-man at the deadline now.
  12. Ah, so is this the Suez Canal crisis I've heard so much about?!?
  13. I forgot that Staal was on the Sabres this season. What a trainwreck of a team. I feel bad for there fans. Eichel is gonna leave that team this Summer. Player controlled movement, ala the NBA, is coming to the NHL and it's going to really kick off this summer.
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