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  1. He was one of the first NHLers to embrace Twitch. And has a decent following there. He is one of the first NHLers to turn his social media presence into an On Camera NHL job. Good for him. Especially since he wasn’t a star NHLer in his career.
  2. I assume the Canucks will qualify Jasek just to keep there options open. Doesn't hurt to qualify him. But this organization hasn't been that nice to players who decide to go to Europe (look at Tryamkin, Palmu). Could see them letting Jasek walk. I've gotta assume that Jasek wasn't happy about not getting a chance to be on the Taxi Squad at any point of last season. He deserved a game or two in the NHL this season... especially after the Covid outbreak. As for AHL Abbotsford depth, I assume the Canucks will re-sign Tyler Gravoac and get Marc Michaelis under contract and
  3. I was just thinking about this... Watch Seattle pick Jasek and turn him into Tomas Nosek 2.0.
  4. I wasn't saying to move Nate Schmidt. He needs to be kept. I was using him as an example of how the Canucks got him. Vegas needed to offload a defenseman because they were going to sign Pietrangelo. The Canucks agreed to take on Nate's full cap hit for a third round pick. No questions asked. It was a great trade for the Canucks. A Canucks core with Ryan Graves and Nate Schmidt would be great and they should be in the lineup together. What I was suggesting was basically making a deal with Colorado under similar circumstances. Basically -- we know you'
  5. They should absolutely do this. I agree with this take. Ryan Graves would be an awesome addition to this Canucks core and probably becomes the Edler replacement the Canucks have been searching for. I wonder if there's a Nate Schmidt esque deal to be made there where the Canucks take on Graves for a mid round pick and/or B prospect (think: Arvid Costmar, Jackson Kunz, or Toni Utunen type) in order for the Aves to extract some value out of losing Graves for nothing. Graves is 26 so he fits right in there with the rest of the core.
  6. CBJ promoted the wrong Brad XD There loss is our win, I guess.
  7. It feels like the Canucks are going to let Rafferty walk. Even with the Canucks weak right side, he couldn't crack the lineup. It's a shame because he absolutely dominated the AHL offensively in his first season with the Comets. He'll be a good depth signing for the right savvy team. He does have some defensive gaps that need to be addressed. Of the group 6 UFAs the Canucks have, I suspect they'll re-sign Justin Bailey and Jalen Chatfield and let Rafferty and Teves walk.
  8. The twitter replies on this post from the Sabres twitter celebrating the birthday of co-owner Kim Pegula are hilarious.



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      canucks fans say the exact same things to frankie

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      She’s their President too?  Can’t be on the hockey side though, right?  

  9. Philly wishes they drafted Petey instead of Nolan Patrick. I was pretty sure Nolan Patrick was gonna be Seattle Kraken bound anyways. They're gonna be selling low on Patrick this summer. I don't think Patrick has had a healthy season since 2016. OJ for Patrick isn't a bad swap of underperforming high draft picks. I don't hate it. But I would rather have Juolevi as a depth guy instead of being dealt but if you can make Patrick a 3C that would be a big win and Benning loves to try and rehabilitate former lottery picks (see: Pouliot, Del Zotto).
  10. Jeff Cowan

  11. He just signed a contract in the SHL for next season with Skelleftea. My gut says he'll be signed next Summer (if not, we'll lose his rights and I don't think the Canucks want to see that happen after trading Dahlen for him). I do agree, I'm surprised he didn't sign with the Canucks this summer. But a year in the SHL before jumping over to North America isn't a bad idea. Karlsson has had a nice rise since the Canucks acquired his rights and dominated the Allesvensken over the last two years and as a C prospect I hope he can make strides to be an NHLer one day. Our C prospect depth is weak and
  12. That's not true. He's a college player so we have his rights until August 2023 according to Capfriendly. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canucks/reserve-list
  13. I assume the extension is for Expansion purposes?!? Also, I'm impressed. Connauton has managed to carve out a career as a reliable NHL depth piece. Thought he'd be playing in Europe by now. Good for him! Also a former Vancouver Giant.
  14. Plasek is kind of like Lukas Jasek. Bounced around multiple Czech leagues as a young guy. High IQ. I'm hoping he develops nicely in Abbotsford. Apparently there's no European out clause so he's gonna be here for the next three years minimum. Excited to see what he can do. I'm expecting Arvid Costmar and Aidan McDonough will get contracts within the next year. I think McDonough plays one more year at Northeastern and signs. Costmar plays one more year in Sweden before coming over. With Keppen not being signed, the only other true question mark from the 2019 NHL draft is Jack Malone.
  15. Emil is not a 1C in the NHL. He's a depth piece with the potential to be the 3C next season. Emil and Elias are not Sedins 2.0. I do like Emil and think he'd be a really savvy, cheap signing. Barrie is also a big fat no. We already have a better version of Barrie and his name is Rathbone. And also Hughes. The Canucks will only tolerate two "short" defensemen and there names are Quinn Hughes and Jack Rathbone. Barrie probably returns to Edmonton.
  16. He's not coming to Vancouver. Neither is Barrie. NGH won't get the money he wants from Vancouver. I expect Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will go somewhere Stateside with the hopes of winning.
  17. Will is definitely a contender to make the roster out of training camp this Fall. He's fast, hits, has an offensive edge, and he's going to be 23 when training camp starts. I feel like moving Motte to the third line to play on a line with Podz and whoever our 3C is and then having Highmore and Lockwood has a speedy, hard hitting 4th line could be really interesting. I've always really liked Lockwood as a prospect and I feel like his skill set is what's needed in the Canucks bottom six.
  18. There's a misconception that Francesco Aquilini is a billionaire. He's not. Those arguing that he is are wrong. But also right. Huh? Well.. Francesco Aquilini is one of the sons Luigi Aquilini, the actual billionaire. Luigi is the elderly father of Francesco, as well as his brothers Paolo and Roberto Aquilini, and the founder of the Aquilini Group which owns many things include the Canucks and the Toptable Group (who own places like Elisa Steak, Blue Water Cafe, and Thierry among others). Luigi still controls the fortune. Francesco, Paolo, and Roberto just runs things and will actu
  19. Based on Jim Benning's passive comments about Edler. I have a feeling management is looking to move on from him. Edler's a legendary Canuck who will be on the Ring of Honour. That said, he's slowed down quite a bit and that slowdown showed up with the amount of reckless penalties he took this season. The good news is that he can stay in the Pacific Northwest and sign a contract with Seattle. It's only a couple of hour drive down from Vancouver so he can stay pretty close to Vancouver if he wants too. And yeah, everyone who wants to re-sign Sutter needs to remember that they are suf
  20. Johnson's going to Seattle. Hometown kid buried on a deep Lightning team. No way he's not with the Kraken next season. Though I've always liked Johnson and he'd be a great fit as the 3C if the Canucks could somehow get him. Virtanen isn't a tradeable asset. He's probably done in the NHL. The accusations made against him make him a toxic presence in the locker room and he's not good enough to overcome them like, say, Patrick Kane. Unless, much like Kane, Virtanen can prove that he's the victim of an elaborate hoax, I don't see how he continues having an NHL career. He's most likely
  21. This scenario is the only one I can find acceptable but until Beagle being out or bought out is confirmed, I don’t see it happening. Sutter would need to sign for a minimum deal (or close to it) to make it worth it. Cant pay him more than 1.5, honestly. I’d rather bring back Travis Boyd on a 1 year deal or have Tyler Gravoac in that 4C spot anyways.
  22. One of the positives from this presser is the fact that Jim is committed to having a third line that's offensively driven. That basically means Brandon Sutter isn't returning. Benning has finally given in to the reality that to win in the NHL you need at least three offensively driven lines and can't rely on the ole "two skilled lines, two defensive lines" strategy. I won't be surprised if the third line is built around Podkolzin and his skill set.
  23. Not a surprise. He's a very good GM and got the Blue Jackets into the playoffs for 4 straight seasons. You can make an argument that he should've dealt Panarin and Bobrovsky for pieces but it was more important for Columbus, as a franchise, to get to the second round of the playoffs with them on the team instead of petering out with them not being on the team. Lots of work for CBJ coming up but he's still good. Good for CBJ to bring back Kekalainen and also bring back Davidson... winning combo.
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