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  1. Hmmmmm, got some size'n'grit and fits well in the bottom 6. Ya know this is the type of player I like, but I'd still prefer someone without a concussion history. There are others out there with size, grit and better with the puck---I'd stand pat, for now, and look a little further.
  2. Not sayin' it is the 90's. I am saying that there are players that are gritty, play hard and are solid contributors.
  3. I like Larsson, going to work well with their D or be great trade bait. Eberle is meh. I think mgmt. obviously feels these guys are hard workers and will gel. My moneyPuck ref was to the fact that if you can put out well balanced lines of gritty, hard workers you're going to wear opponents down allowing scorers to score... I believe they'll find an "identity" real quick.
  4. ...woops, not a big poster. My apologies. Did my best...
  5. They're setting themselves up for some good longevity.
  6. Managing their budget really well. Bunch of hard working, heavy hitting guys...Going to be painful.
  7. Agreeing 100% with PhillipBlunt: When it comes to your D size does matter. 3rd n' 4th lines too!
  8. Some good tough size doesn't mean you have to sacrifice speed and talent. Todays athletes are far more rounded than in the past years...we need some these players, they'll make our best players better by mitigating the fear of getting smoked every time they handle the puck.
  9. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=210794 Stocking the cupboards from the draft is always a bonus...
  10. Excellent points on both sides. It's a glass half full/empty scenario...strictly point of view at this juncture (that's my POV). 2021/22 should give a decent foreshadowing of where we'll be in 2022/23 which is when I'm expecting to get some snacks, cold beer and actually start enjoying our on ice product once again. Been around since before the NHL days, lived the ups'n'downs and believe we can be competitive very soon. Not happy with on ice now, but understand we do have a "potentially" pretty exciting cavalry on it's way. Still like to see a little more size...
  11. Not a knee-jerk response to the teams woes. I've been a fan since they entered the league...I'm gettin' old. I think It'll create room and confidence, and some trepidation from our opponents.
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