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  1. C'mon, Stawns. Get with the program...it's herd immunity Texas...I mean Alberta style!
  2. He will also learn about the commitment, discipline and passion it takes to become a pro; as well as becoming the best player he can be. I don't think that is something they teach at the Jr level.
  3. Hopefully it won't come to that. N-misconduct doesn't factor in the various players that will be sent to Abby, which would create more cap space to sign Quinn to a bridge contract. Having him facing off against Brock next season could be a nightmare if Q was looking for more $.
  4. Brock is a character guy; both away from hockey and in playing the game. He struggled through a couple of difficult injuries that affected his shooting; all the while working on other aspects of the game to become a more complete player. I suspect that he has a significant role as a member of the team. At 24yrs old, we have yet to see what he can achieve at his peak.
  5. Apparently he caught the virus during the season. He said it took him a long time to recover and that it really threw him off his game.
  6. The first 3 are wingers, which are not as valued as a C. Andreas Athanasiou is a C and a better player than Dicks. I would rather have him than Dicks. I hope that Dicks $ come in under 2.5m
  7. Well that remains to be seen. I understand where you're coming from though.
  8. What is the point of talking about 'ifs'? The salary cap availability has never been as low as $10M this off season. JB knew what he was doing and played it out so that he can also sign Pete, Quinn and Dicks.
  9. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canucks Nucks have $14m in cap space, $3.5 LTIR (Ferland) and several players that will be sent down to the farm team. If he needs more money to sign Pete, Quin and Garland, he has it ($20m).
  10. Last season was a disaster with covid restrictions and the bubble. AZ would have never done the recent trade. Why would JB be forced to do major changes because other teams were interested in Hughes/Pete? Btw, teams can't offer sheet Hughes. Of course there are teams that would be interested in Pete, but that doesn't mean they will. Yes, JB is in a perfect position to sign them. They certainly have the $. These things take time. Luckily the season doesn't start until Oct.
  11. Rathbone is an NHL rookie that has never played more than 33 games in an adult league albeit university, which is not comparable to the adult leagues Olli has played in. If Rathbone makes the team (they may have to send him to Abby for cap reasons) they will share the available D spot.
  12. JB is doing what his boss has told him to do. Get this team into the playoffs.
  13. Wonder how the Coilers will get Yamamoto signed with $0 cap space? Yams gotta get a few million when signed.
  14. More than enough. Any number of Mac, Dowling, DiGiuseppe, Bailey, Hunt, and Rathbone can be sent to Abby. That can add up to $4.8m, depending on who they keep as extras. Having their AHL team close by means they probably won't have to carry as many extras. Maybe 13fws (Bailey) and 7ds (Schenn). That still leaves $3m + $3.5m (LTIR) +$14m and that's how Jimmy comes up with... $20m cap space for the Canucks! No need to worry Nuckfans. JB's got it sorted.
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