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  1. Yeah, I know...it's too soon. Does anyone else think this guy will be a might fine coach in the near future?
  2. Most of the peeps making comments in this thread are quite positive about Dickinson. The only hater is the Parisian that claims he is a hockey coach.
  3. Poor Olli. Already on the Panther's IR list.
  4. To be fair, he hasn't played a full season yet. But, if you include the p/o games with his 19-20 reg season stat, you see a different story. 85 games; 34goals - 50assists - 84pts. What a monster 2nd season he had. And then came the injury season where he played only 26 of 56games. Which means, he hadn't played a single NHL game since March 2/21 until his 1st game this season. That's a huge amount of time for a developing young player to go without any games. I think it's expecting a lot for him to suddenly play like we know he can in just 4 games. Be patient. Pete will bounce back.
  5. More recently, I have heard that the surgery may be neck fusion; which I would think would have a negative effect on E's game. Agree that Eichel and two high 1st round picks for Pete would favour the Canucks heavily. It is unlikely that Pete will ever play the power forward game that Eichel plays; although I do seem becoming much stronger in the coming years as he fills out (much like the Sedins did). Pete's first 2 seasons are statistically better than E's and there's every indication he would have continued to improve in his 3rd year; but for the injury. It seems like fans are already turning on Pete due to the lack of productivity in the opening 4 games. Considering he had no training camp or preseason games, I can see why he is struggling a bit. I think we need to be patient and give him time to work things out. He has so much for the game and is such a hardworking player, I have no doubt that he will return to form and continue to improve his game. The Sedins didn't start putting up Pete like numbers until they were 24yrs and then went on a 10yr run with those stats.
  6. Nothing new here. They often play sluggish hockey in the first 2 periods and then wake up for the 3rd. Hopefully this will happen tonight. GCG
  7. What channel is the game on (Vancouver Island Shaw)? Thx in advance.
  8. Guess I was busy pondering and writing my long-winded statement. Good for you to reassess your opinion.
  9. I'm not buying this, PB 1) An extended rest for a goalie may not work out too well for him. There's no certainty that he can return to form; especially if it's in the end game before the POs. 2) What makes you think that signing Eichel can win a cup for the Habs? He has some very serious problems with his neck (talk of fusing his neck is scary). Talk about your LTIR! 3) Prove a diagnosis of mental illness or not, Price would still have to live with a lie and cheating ways. Besides, mental illness is still a taboo subject in many walks of life. It is still looked down upon and marginalized. Why on earth would CP want to claim that he had a mental illness in a scam to help the Habs maybe win a cup? No, I don't think so. It takes courage to tell the world that you have a mental illness; the world can be a harsh and condemning place.
  10. Seems that our boys are still struggling with slow start-itis. With so many new faces (11?) on the team, I can imagine there's some adjusting going on. They need a bit more time to learn systems, gel as a team and develop chemistry. Still, they are showing us that there is a very positive change with this team. I see ++speed, physicality, creativity and great energy on the ice. I think they are developing into a very exciting and entertaining group.
  11. He's done ok, considering he just jumped into the job at short notice and doesn't have a lot of experience. I don't know what peeps are getting so worked up about. It's just filling in 'til John gets back.
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