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  1. I'd rather have Guenther and Joulevi on our team than years of OEL dead cap.
  2. I was hoping that Miller would get the nod, but understand why they went with Hughes. Listening to the press conference, Tocchet commented that Hughes "mixes with everybody." Perhaps there's concern that Miller's "big" personality might be a bit abrasive for some people. Maybe even a possibility for JT to become 'divisive' in the room, if the season goes sideways. This is only speculation on my part, but that Tocc quote kind of sticks in my head. Regardless, you can't keep a good man down, so expect Miller to continue being a huge factor as part of the leadership group and a big support for Hughes as well.
  3. Nope. Don't likey. Silovs is just 22yrs old and has only played 5 NHL games. Please don't break our future elite goalie in just one season.
  4. This is a solid trade, Ted. Trenin reminds me of Frederic (Boston), but doesn't have the offensive potential. He would be an awesome addition to our team's bottom 6. Peeps need to remember that the Canucks also get the remainder of Beau's cap space (2.4m), so it really is a sweet deal. Nashville can use Beau's offensive game, as well as his routinely healthy season. It's hard to say where the Preds are going with this team, but Beau would benefit from being on their top line. Forsberg - Novak - Beau Nashville get Beau + Karlsson + 4th Nucks are awash with top RWs; Karlsson is yet another RW, who is only waiver exempt for this season. NJ 4th will likely be at the late end of the round. Canucks get Trenin + $2.m cap savings. Good job Ted.
  5. In the article it says, "drunk driving is considered aggravated in Finland “if the driver's concentration is at least 1.2 per thousand or he has at least 0.53 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air during or after driving.” In contrast... The legal alcohol limit for drinking and driving in BC is based on the alcohol concentration in your BC, the bloodstream. In permissible blood-alcohol concentration is below 50 mg or 0.05% gram, equivalent to two bottles of beer.
  6. I've never heard that, but if he did publicly make a statement saying such a thing, he should have been suspended from the draft. That is outrageous.
  7. higgyfan


    I think the management have done everything they could, what with the cap limitations and bad contracts that JB left them They have also hired a new coach and brought in a terrific coaching/training staff. It's his prerogative to sign for how long, or with which team, if it comes to that. Hopefully he signs a long enough for the Canucks to build a team that can contend. Didn't the management suggest 3 yrs?
  8. And yet... Beau: 490 NHL games with 229pts Conor: 332 NHL games with 194pts In 490 games, Beau only scores 35 more goals than Conor. ***Beau must go in a package to the Jets for Dillon
  9. He would have been a great pick for sure. Canuck Army were high on him and thought he would be a great pickup for the Canucks. He is exactly the kind of player the Canucks need and his contract with the KHL is in its final year. Apparently the Wild are wanting to develop him as a C. Like you said; there were a lot of issues around picking a Russian player right now and that is why he fell to 24th. After all, he was ranked in the top 10, so the Wild took a chance and will likely end up being the winner.
  10. My take on Pears, is that you put him on the top 6 with better players, he'll bring the points. In 18-`19 he played on 3 teams, but only in Van did he play top 6. Same the following year, when he played on Bo's line and he had a career year. '20-'21 was a dismal season; especially when Petey got injured. For me, that is the off year for Pears and he wasn't alone. Only Brock had an increase in stats. '21-'22 Pears returned to a more normal scoring ratio. It's hard to tell what we will see when Pears joins the team. He's always been a good skater, so I'm not worried about that, but the question mark will be his shooting and passing. Even if he's on the 3rd line putting up 35pts and playing his physical game, he's still a better option than most. Pears - Suter - Podz or Garland
  11. How so? Prior to last season, he's had very similar #s since he was signed in Vancouver. I agree that he brings a more physical style to his game and would be a great fit on the 3rd line. He will likely be rusty, but he will get up to speed soon enough. He's always been a good skater. His shot might be compromised a bit. I'm happy for Pears and am hopeful that he will bring a more qualified game to the 3rd line.
  12. I don't see a team picking up Rathbone, Woo or Brisebois as they would have to be included on their NHL team; if not, they come right back to the Nucks. Hogs might be taken, as he has shown some promise in the NHL.
  13. Boqvist is the best offensive dman on the Jackets. Unfortunately for Adam, he has only played on Chi and Col, which are both severely bad defensive teams. Almost all the players on either team are in the double digits minus. Peeke may have a bigger frame than Boqvist, but his stats suggest that his defensive game is horrible and his offensive game isn't much better. How does one achieve a minus 41 anyway? The Canucks don't need either player. They need to find a way to acquire Dillon from the Jets!
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