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  1. hard not to get bummed watching this ... no heart .. small .. immature , hope they can turn this around
  2. so not trying to be negative but i have a hell of a time with our play by play) team ... i cringer every time the color guy ( is it corey Hirsch ? ) talks .. the darth Vladar jokes ? oh man ..
  3. i know it doesn't count but tell me we arent going to lose the the lames farm team
  4. flames haven't iced an nhl team glad we are winning .. would be worrisome if we weren't
  5. .. tough to watch without commentators ... I'm passionate about my canucks but oye vey ..
  6. why are we always the team in other teams record books ?
  7. you can only imagine how much a good showing would mean for ownership and the league
  8. league wouldn't want the crack to lose their first game would they ?
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