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  1. A few years ago someone took a poll with 5 year increments. There were 2 peaks 20's and 50's if I recall. So most are either adults with no kids or adults with grown up kids. 2 groups with free time.
  2. Ya, Dowling 31, Petan 26, Highmore 25, Hunt 33 They don't say how they're building the team, nor would they because they'd be giving away intel. I would say that Petan 26 and Highmore 25 are close enough in age to the core group. Horvat 26 and Hoglander 20. But is that really a big deal for the support group? Maybe being fussy about the age of players brought in as support to the core is too limiting. I'm going to wait and see how these guys perform over 20 games or more. If bottom 6 players don't work out then they are not that hard to replace. I'm keeping my eye on Garland, Dickinson, Podkolzin, OEL, Poolman and Rathbone. How about Burroughs? Not worth setting your hair on fire over bottom 6 guys. FWIW, I wasn't pleased about losing Gadjovich. I really didn't expect a guy with 1 NHL game under his belt to get plucked. Neither did Benning obviously. You never know. Didn't expect MacEwen to go either
  3. This was bound to happen since Benning loaded up with bottom 6 players. Stick em in the blender and see who sticks to the wall. Big Mac just fell off. Juolevi got traded. Gadjovich, that one burns. Honestly, I'm trusting the management group for evaluation. They want younger, faster, harder to play against....we'll find out soon just what they've got
  4. Big Mac is 25. Not much more development coming. He's been stalled for a year. Could be as good as he gets. A tweener who can fight. Great guy but the Canucks have passed him by.
  5. Guddy the enforcer. When did that happen? Kassian cracked his coconut in the final preseason game v MacEwen
  6. At least he looks like a real hockey player not like that pretty boy we shipped out Seriously, seems like a good egg
  7. Big Zack waived to make room for Chaisson. At least Chaisson has been signed for less money $750 v $825
  8. It's covid. Benning just cleared that up in a presser
  9. Assuming that Chaisson is merely keeping Boeser's spot warm so that the other lines can remain intact, it looks alright. Tomorrow, Chaisson can go fly a kite
  10. He doesn't produce much. True. But he's good defensively and very good on the PK. With a couple of crash and bang type wingers like Motte, Highmore, Lockwood etc, the 4th line could be pretty good
  11. It's useful to look back over these 7 years with Benning because we need to remember that team goals and strategies have changed. It hasn't been a rebuild for the whole time so we have to be fair to Benning in measuring his performance. Ownership. It is proper for ownership to be in on the highest level of decision making. What I mean is that they hire top management. President (Linden) and they were in on approving the Benning hire. They also approve the strategy recommended by management. Now, they wanted a re-tool of the Sedin core when Gillis was still here and they insisted on doing that with the new management group. My opinion is that the Linden/Benning group were still trying to re-tool up until the Player Name signing in July 2016. Player Name was supposed to be a partner to the Sedins. It wasn't until Burrows and Hanson were moved leading up to the trade deadline in early 2017 that the re-build was on. Ownership had finally agreed that it was the right thing to do. Management. I think that Linden wasn't clear that a President is an executive and not a doer of things and that effectively while he was with the team, he and Benning were co-GM's. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Now, they eventually had disagreements on the best way to re-build and Benning had a great deal more knowledge on how teams really operate which left Linden at a disadvantage and eventually he bowed out on July 25, 2018. This was for the good of the team and was possibly a sacrifice that Linden made. I'm not sure it's completely fair to measure Bennings performance before this point because he wasn't free to execute a plan that was completely his own. I think that Benning has drafted well despite a few mistakes. You could argue that Juolevi would have been a player had he not been injured 3 times (back (surgery), knee (surgery), and hip during key development years. But things like this happen. Also, I think in this market, the media and fans have been frustrated because Benning, despite being a good drafter, doesn't get hung up on keeping his picks. He has been unafraid to use draft picks to acquire players. The use of 2nd rounders has been mixed but the return on 1st round picks has been pretty good (Miller and OEL looks like a good pick up so far) Bennings trades and signings have been mixed. On July 1, 2018, just before Linden resigned, Benning signed Beagle and also brought in Roussel in an effort to bolster the bottom 6 which was ill conceived because it resulted in cap issues down the road. I have to think that this was one of the things that Benning and Linden had disagreed on and was a contributing factor in his resignation later that month. I also didn't like the Ferland signing in 2019. It was a risky move given his concussion history and was a bit of overkill since he had already added Miller and Pearson that year. But as things go in a rebuild, as drafted players mature and start to produce, Benning has been reasonably successful at finding players to support the core group. He has done a lot in the past year but I think that it's unreasonable to expect that he can do all things in one year. Moving out Player Name, Beagle, Roussel and a 1st and bringing in OEL and Garland was a masterful trade imo. There are still holes on defense to work on. So overall, I think that Benning has done a decent job. There have been bad moves but there have also been some very good ones. I think that we need to measure his performances based on what the team strategy was at the time that certain decisions were made. If you consider that the rebuild didn't really begin until 2017 (4 years ago) and they've had top 10 draft picks from 2013 to 2019 (except 2015 #23 Boeser) he's been pretty good.
  12. Juolevi became a project. If he's getting walked on a regular basis he's just not going to be in the NHL As for Gadjovich and LInd, I think they project as 3rd line players. Gadj still needs to work on his foot speed and Lind I think was close. They were playing Lind in the middle in Utica last year hoping that he could become a 3C eventually
  13. They're a lot better with Sutter. Did he get covid and is suffering lingering effects of that? Is that why he has no energy? His reason for missing pre-season is mysterious
  14. I think they're happy with Sutter as the 4C. As for depth to fill in I think that Dowling is going to be the guy and he'll do especially at $750K Benning has to be careful with the cap because there is a chance that Hamonic sorts out his issues.
  15. That's the Hamonic effect. It really screws the right side depth. Green really needed to know who was the 3rd and 4th best right hander. That was the biggest issue of the pre-season imo. We all knew that the bottom 6 forward group was going to be fine. It was just a matter of evaluating a lot of players.
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