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  1. Johnny Canuck is a fictional lumberjack and a national personification of Canada. He first appeared in early political cartoons dating to 1869 where he was portrayed as a younger cousin of the United States' Uncle Sam and Britain's John Bull.
  2. the teams that want miller are going to have 1st round pick around 20-32 and prospects i don't see that as filling the cupboards . We are not trading miller and getting a top 5 pick out of it . i rather trade Bo and get the same 1st round pick and a prospect and slap the C on Miller . I like BO but if a culture change is needed Bo could be the one to go .
  3. Well, I hope the country club includes OEL, Pearson , Poolman and Dickson .
  4. we need another center , a big young mobile d-man and younger top 9 winger that can replace Pearson ( can throw a hit and chip in some goals) and get rid of Travis Green's Chia Pet Chiasson
  5. yep time to make a change , fire green or trade a core piece , fire green then if doesn't fix anything fire Benning at the end of the year
  6. green system is get the puck in the offensive zone pass back to the point and shoot then skate back to the dzone chasing another 2-1 back or stand around in a static position then the fire drill happens where the canucks get gassed chasing .
  7. that u need to hide err put a 10 million dollar player on LTIR and he miraculously comes back just in time for the playoffs too bad
  8. i believe during all the wheeling and dealing for the sedins we did acquire the 1st overall pick and traded down
  9. i believe during all the wheeling and dealing for the sedins we did acquire the 1st overall pick and traded down
  10. he still needs to work on his skating, he has the smarts and the size but needs to get faster to be more effective
  11. Gadojovich needs to work on his skating before any of that ever happens , he just is too slow right now to keep up
  12. if Benning trades for Keith I am booking the plane for the next flight of the Fire Benning banner
  13. keep the pick jimbo , for the love of god jim!!!!! dont trade it for sam reinhart
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