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  1. bill laforge he only lasted like 25 games coaching
  2. i call it" im bent over laughing because someone paid me 250,000 to paint a mannaquein red "
  3. Yep no Gm shows thier hand, but jim does tell of plans , retool , rebuild , get playoff experience for the young core, vets show young players how to play the right way , devolop the young players in thier system , most young player hit thier peak at 26 . The Canucks just need a lil time ,a russian invasion ( Try and Podi ), a good draft pick , and loui to retire then good times
  4. Ya an elbow to the head which is a head shot which the nhl is supposely cracking down on in todays game if any other player did that they would be getting a suspension , ps i have problem with chicken sh@t cheap shots, if McDavid was mad/ frustrated , he should of dropped the gloves instead, like a grinder would of
  5. a "predartory " hit and repeat offender should be at least 2 games . another bush league call
  6. lol there is no inconstistency , last year was make the playoffs and get experience for the young core , this year is a transition year put the pressure on the young core to preform , so of course there is going to be peaks and valleys along the way , and sucess isnt happening over night
  7. how do you know we wont be trading assets ? lol
  8. the plan has always been draft and develop players in the system , the first thing benning did was set up was the team in Utica , even last year benning indicated they are going to have 6 to 8 young player in the line up over the next few years , Demko is the prime example of that developed player in the system and now has translated to the nhl . So there is a plan , some just choose not to see it .
  9. utica games have beem postponed due to covid protocols so lind just cant join the team plus 14 day quartine
  10. Benning was brilliant come on radio and tv and let the media and fans call out the team lol
  11. the ducks had selanne ,pronger, niedmaryer, pancake penner plus getzlaf and perry , maybe in 2 years the canucks will be like that
  12. a weak north division lol 4 of the top 5 scorers are in the north division ,
  13. let alone move up in the draft order ,we always go down a spot lol
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