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  1. thats why i hope gadjovich can improve his skating , went right after the guy in his first game
  2. no no and no keep the picks and lockwood we need as many cheap elc as we can get , lockwood is a great bottom six , hopefully we can get a scoring winger with size or dman in the draft , besides that you will be available to get a dman for a pick ala schimdt
  3. lol are you high ? gallagher , weber and price ya they suck bigtime
  4. the canucks didnt give up on hodgson lol crybady cody and his dad booked that ticket out of town
  5. madison bowey has the best value , out of lind gadovich roussell , cant see seattle taking virt toss up between bowey and big mac
  6. of course i do know the answer . the other poster said schimdt should only be picked up by a contending team not a rebuilding team , hence the question then why did vegas a contending team trade him then , so does that make any sense ? no lol
  7. well schimdt is an asset for a 3rd round pick . really so why did a contending team like vegas trade Schimdt then ?
  8. you mean kinda like schimdt for a 3rd rounder ,because vegas needed cap space?? seems like benning has learned
  9. lol no team is trading away a 1st overall pick unless it is for eichel or mcdavid or draistial
  10. not this year , it is shared with the blues , and it is run by Robert Esche not the canucks
  11. the Canucks don"t own Utica it is an affiliation , blame Robert Esche he is the one that brought in the blues, lol, thats why the Canucks will actually own the abbotsford ahl team for total control, the sky is falling the sky is falling
  12. no no no keep the picks, we need value players , loui needs to retire or hello Abbotsford" Robias" Islanders for Loui
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