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Status Updates posted by Dral

  1. Somebody just made 2 deposites into my account for $1400... I'm sooo getting drunk tonight

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    2. Grapefruits
    3. Salmonberries


      You will regret spending that money. Big mistake.

    4. Aladeen


      No it was me, you were worth every penny Dral! I guess I should say worth every nickel nowadays.

  2. Bo Horvat invented the back channels of twitter

  3. Wonder what we could get for Kassian, Bieksa, 1st

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    2. CatsPajamas
    3. CatsPajamas


      but I wouldn't do that deal.

    4. Dazzle


      Assuming that Bieksa even agrees to the deal, you'd be lucky if you could get a 4th for him.

      Don't trade him.

  4. 3 years.... 200,000 views.... 191 pages... #BringBackFunnyPics!

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    2. Twilight Sparkle
    3. Dral


      Be careful TS - they could lock the Post Yo face thread for the same reason ;)

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Maybe they'll bring it back when people actually start posting funny stuff again.

  5. Off season sucks... thank the gods for WN

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