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  1. Only because this is now the abortion thread... Want to know what the difference is between science and abortion?
  2. Dral

    Daily Poll #28

    Damnit Stealth... it was supposed to be either Boeser or Horvat.... You get a pass this time....
  3. Dral

    Daily Poll #28

    Did 4.57% of CDC actually get this pole question correct? first time ever.... 4.57% of CDC got ANYTHING right...
  4. Interesting conversation between Kyle Kulinski and Joe Rogan... Kulinski trashes everyone in this Warning - Coarse Language
  5. Just because you're feeling guilty about your life choices is no reason to project on me. If you need to tell yourself that the aborted fetus wasn't alive, go right ahead. It's still wrong. By all means, stop talking to me...
  6. Get this through your head... I never said who's choice it should be... I just said it was murder and it was a morally wrong choice to make in the majority of circumstances. You've said how traumatizing of an experience it was, yet you advocate others to be able to do it? Your mentality is pure evil. It's like you actually WANT other women to suffer as you and your wife have. You stance is closer to hateful groups like ISIS and Al Qeada, who have no respect for the value of life nor any compassion for people who don't actually need to have an abortion for medical reasons... they just do it because they are scared of being judged, or aren't financially ready for children yet. You have no problems throwing life away callously, which is really sad... I would have thought given your experience you would actually NOT want other people to go through what you guys had to go through. This is awesome... So adorable... great that you completely ignore the fact I already said men are naive and make bad decisions all the time as well... Funny stuff is right... can't even quote my argument properly. Cowardice? Lol... good one buddy... Like I said before, a great fun fact you seem to refuse to acknowledge... I don't NEED to step up and adopt babies because there is a line up of parents waiting to adopt that goes on for years... People are so DESPERATE to adopt children they are going to foreign countries in order to do so... there are already thousands of people willing to do it.
  7. You say this A LOT.... people really have trouble comprehending you, don't they?
  8. Abortion law doesn't actually state that a fetus isn't a living entity... it simply states that women have the right to terminate their pregnancy (and thus, legally, kill a life)... so your argument is that there's only a problem with killing things when it's illegal to do so... thus, as long as it's legal, its ok? I think there are many examples of being able to legally kill people, just because in one situation it isn't illegal doesn't mean you can't point out a connection between the two...
  9. Ahhh, so you were just clarifying... it did feel like you were trying misrepresent my argument, glad that wasn't the case and agree on some things
  10. Did I say that ? No, they don't... generally humans don't make good decisions at all... I was talking about women there because the person I quoted was talking about women... or, wasn't that obvious from the context of the conversation?
  11. medical concerns accounts for 2% to 3% of all abortions performed... and I agree, if the life of the mother is at risk, and medically speaking, it's the best decision... then fine... but then, how do justify the other 600,000 abortions that happen every year? You trust women will always make the best decision for themselves? That's pretty naive... you can't even trust people to make the best choice for POTUS... But by all means, keep making up words... psuedo-substance... lol... while you're at it, maybe look up the definition of a strawman argument... you know, because I wasn't the one who brought up abortion in the first place... and I wasn't trying to refute an argument either
  12. You can make an moral argument for whether a fetus is a human life, you can make philosophical arguments for what living is and you can make legal arguments for when a fetus has the right to life.... but it is alive. It IS a life form... Bacteria is also a living organism... and we all kill millions of them a day... so I understand the tendency for people to not put a high value on life that you can't hear scream when you end that life... Some people put value on the lives of cattle and pigs and refuse to consume them, these same people also consume the lives of vegetation at an astonishing rate... Again, we all pick and choose which lives matter...
  13. No, it was a good point... you just have no problem with mass murder as long as you can't hear the victims scream... shouldn't have expected much class... my mistake
  14. Really.... the guys son gets a divorce... something that happens to half the couples in the US... and not only do you guys revel in it, make jokes... but you think this somehow reflects badly on Trump ? Stay classy
  15. Alberta could always separate and form it's own country...
  16. Interesting... so nutty people claim that if you aren't apart of a certain group you can't have an opinion on something... I like that
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