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  1. Again, show me your magic crystal ball that lets you have unlimited access to multiple universes where things happen slightly differently
  2. This is all so obvious a fantasy, and if you can't let me have, then fine, show me a crystal ball that says we couldn't have gotten petterson as well
  3. It still hurts to think we could have taken Nylander and SHOULD have had Laine... Horvat, Nylander, Laine ,Boeser, EP.... rebuild complete?
  4. WARNING: -This game will be NSFW -Will be "mostly Vanilla" -Give bonus in-game rewards based on content, regardless of stye, faction and history -Will most definitely be a Dral game -Rules will be subject to do drunken administrative at the whim of the host Story: It has been 6 months since CDC mafia has managed to run a decent game... players from all corners of the internet have been waiting for a WOAT host to host a WOAT game since GM Dral killed any semblance of a dying communities will to play... desperately, an attempt is being made to win back our lives away from life... are you strong enough to win? Rules: -Rules will be decided based on circumstances dictated by the host whenever and where ever he feels the need -There are no Rules Game Starts: Thursday, 30th March, Midnight, roles will be handed out shortly after First nightfall will be Sat, 1st of April 8AM Each round will be 23 hrs, and updated each morning at 8AM Signup list: 1 - Alain Vigneault 2 - 112 3 - Zfetch (with immunity) 4 - Jay Jay 5 - falcon45ca 6 - DarthMelvin 7 - J-23 8 - Time Lord 9 - Master Radishes 10- ilduce39
  5. I'm probably going to get rained down with -1's... but I REALLY REALLY hope he doesn't take up motorcycling....
  6. Dral

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    I will never call GMJMFB anything other then GMJMFB from now on
  7. Somebody just made 2 deposites into my account for $1400... I'm sooo getting drunk tonight

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    2. Grapefruits
    3. Salmonberries


      You will regret spending that money. Big mistake.

    4. Aladeen


      No it was me, you were worth every penny Dral! I guess I should say worth every nickel nowadays.

  8. Bo Horvat invented the back channels of twitter

  9. Wonder what we could get for Kassian, Bieksa, 1st

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    2. CatsPajamas
    3. CatsPajamas


      but I wouldn't do that deal.

    4. Dazzle


      Assuming that Bieksa even agrees to the deal, you'd be lucky if you could get a 4th for him.

      Don't trade him.

  10. 3 years.... 200,000 views.... 191 pages... #BringBackFunnyPics!

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    2. Twilight Sparkle
    3. Dral


      Be careful TS - they could lock the Post Yo face thread for the same reason ;)

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Maybe they'll bring it back when people actually start posting funny stuff again.

  11. Funny, I was fantasizing the other day about the Nucks getting an SHL farm team to send all those tweener prospects... hmm, I wonder... just how rich are the Aquilinis ?
  12. Off season sucks... thank the gods for WN

  13. So is Bo looking like another year of jr would do him good ?
  14. Dral

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    so what does "drafted after 320" mean ?
  15. Dral

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    I was under the impression Gaunce was drafted in the first round.... hrum, I guess I need more booze Hrum, just how many rounds in the draft are there?
  16. Dral

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Hehe, I was actually referring to the people who said speed/skating/explosiveness can't be taught.
  17. Dral

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Sometimes I think the closest thing to sports some people here get is an internet forum and cable TV