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  1. Just now, Scottish⑦Canuck said:

    Then surely the "good guys" can put up with stricter regulations in the knowledge that it might go towards taking guns out of the "bad guys'" hands. If they're using it for a genuine purpose, such as hunting, and in a responsible manner then what do they have to fear?

    Absolutely, as long as you can show evidence that stricter regulations actually keeps guns out of the hands of bad guys

  2. 2 hours ago, Hypocritical Cranium said:

    Once again, how do you get the guns away from bad guys? 


    1 hour ago, I.Am.Ironman said:

    Not selling them at your neighbourhood Walmart to 18 year old kids would be a good start.


    43 minutes ago, Hypocritical Cranium said:

    So 18 year old kids are bad guys? 


    36 minutes ago, I.Am.Ironman said:

    Not all of them. But it is the 0.01% that cause the destruction. You can't just make this a bad guy vs good guy argument; that is far too simplistic. It doesn't make sense to be able to buy a gun but not a beer at 18. Change the age to legally buy, use and carry a gun to an age beyond high school in addition to other restrictive measures, background checks, education, training etc.


    LoL - that was a good back and forth....

  3. 23 minutes ago, Scottish⑦Canuck said:

    This whole "bad guys" Vs "good guys" argument is so ridiculously childish and simplistic. What qualifies one as a bad guy? A criminal record? A secret underground lair? A long running feud with Batman? What stops a good guy from going bad?


    Make it more difficult for everyone to get guns and then it becomes more difficult to get them regardless of whether you're "good" or "bad". Thorough background checks, long waiting periods and a requirement to present a justifiable reason as to why firearms are required, that doesn't include "self-defence", would be a good start.

    Bad guy - someone who wants to do physical harm to another and does not want to respect either other human beings or the societal rules within which we live.


    Good guy - someone who wants to use the tools and toys around them in a safe and respectful manner not causing harm to another

  4. 36 minutes ago, Hypocritical Cranium said:

    You want me to be Harvey so bad, it must be true. It has to be true. You just need it to be. It must be true. If there was only a way to prove it. I mean, a mod could tell you but then your fantasy might be crushed (or possibly confirmed). 



    Toews isn't even reading peoples comments anymore, he just sees a name and imagines a comment for them that is evil, then responds like that comment is true... he's done it to me a couple times now, so it's really either the only explanation or he's deliberately trolling

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  5. 4 hours ago, Sweathog said:

    If these teachers had prior combat experience, or at least had some realistic scenario training, then I'd be pretty confident in their ability to handle the shooter. If not however, then I'm far less confident.


    Shooting a gun in a non-stressful situation like in the range, compared to using a gun against an armed person trying to kill you is very different.



    Just wondering if those same standards should be applied to people who want to become police officers...

  6. 16 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:



    You mean to tell me you don’t see a difference between law enforcement officers- people with training likely much more extensive than any training proposed for teachers, people with real experience dealing with these situations in real high-leverage situations, people who got into their line of work knowing full well this is something they could encounter- and teachers?


    My kindergarten teacher was a sweet lady. I always suspected she was former special forces though. We should give her a gun. 


    maybe not a sweet old lady kindergarten teacher... perhaps instead maybe a football coach or athletics director?

  7. 20 minutes ago, inane said:

    This debate is insane. To even think about arming teachers is just admitting defeat.


    Saw this somewhere, it's simple but true.


    If a kid hits another kid with a stick do you:


    Give all the kids sticks

    Give certain kids sticks who are adept at using sticks to protect everyone else

    Take away the stick.




    Well... according to William Golding....

  8. 29 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

    Fort Hood.


    13 very well trained people taken out by 1 hand gun with armed individuals all over the area.


    The problem is there's no rhyme or reason.  1 day is florida 2 months later is Maine, 8 days after New Mexico.  1 high school affluent, 1 in a lower income area.  In 1 incident a shooter opens up in the halls after pulling the alarm, in another the shooter hits kids at lunch or recess on a field possibly in another they walk on to a school bus.


    All arming teachers does is ignore the root issue, all adding armed guards does is pretend the issue will go away by itself and instead of dealing with it; it just accepts that our kids are open game let's try to mitigate the damage instead of fixing the problem.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said here, but I don't think the root problem is guns...

  9. 2 hours ago, Toews said:

    The cuffs I believe is the tell, '45' on it. Its clever because as far as I know the AP uses a number of publications for their content, not all of them are reliable. I should have remembered that, always be wary of the content they are disseminating because the original source of the story can be questionable. The post you quoted is tongue-in-cheek. I find it funny that the person that seemingly fell for a fake twitter account not even a few days earlier is posting multiple facepalm emojis. 

    LoooooooooL :lol:


    Just like someone needs to twist what happened a few days ago to try and make themselves feel better about their bias beliefs



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  10. 2 hours ago, Toews said:

    Stable genius with one of the best memories of all time needs someone to write down "I hear you" so he can appear more empathetic. I can't say I blame his handlers, you need to give Trump a script or he will say what he truly thinks which will either be hilariously stupid or incredibly offensive.


    9 hours ago, thedestroyerofworlds said:

    If this wasn't TRUMP!!!   I don't think there is a sad but "true" joke in there.


    From the listening session 



    Oops I dropped my notes.   Lol


    9 hours ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

    The guy is simply not very intelligent. He may have a knack at being a sleazy businessman and grabbing pussy, but that's really it. Only dimwitted individuals hold this loser up on a pedestal. 


    9 hours ago, HerrDrFunk said:

    My president needs cue cards to remember to demonstrate basic empathy :unsure:











    I can't believe you all fell for that....








    Sorry, I apologize... twitter said it was true... my bad.... continue on...






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  11. 2 hours ago, JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo said:

    Do you mean the "I'm no Trump supporter" but I will literally defend everything that he does and criticize anyone who opposes him type posters? Anyone who believes that is dumb enough to support Donald Trump. 


    The same type of people who post "interesting if true" garbage about conspiracies that have absolutely zero chance of being true. 

    You should go see a doctor

  12. 18 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    And this is why even the deaths of 17 people won't result in any kind of meaningful gun regulation:



    Floridians: Make note of those who voted against this and vote every single one of them out of office in the next election.

    Tendinitis of the wrist is not laughing matter...

  13. 4 hours ago, Mattrek said:



    Swing and a miss :picard:


    Dral starting to follow Cranium and Harvey down the gutter.

    LoL - you're adorable... I'm not following anyone anywhere. As I've said before, I'm a centrist libertarian, you've just go so far off the deep end that even moderate lefty's appear fascist to you.


    I don't consider the fact that it's fake interesting because fake accounts promoting fake conspiracy theories is nothing new, and not unexpected in this situation... there's a crazy conspiracy theory after just about every mass shooting... why would this one be interesting?

  14. 6 hours ago, Sean Monahan said:

    If you are and always were aware that the account is fake then why was it ever “interesting”? It’s meaningless. Useless. Tits on a bull, like just about anyone who wants to peddle some conspiracy crap and debase the tragedy that was the loss of the lives of children. 

    It's interesting that they would set up an "Antifa" account, which is a far left-wing organization, then try to promote a far right-wing conspiracy...


    People on the right shouldn't be paying any attention to what Antifa says, and people on the left aren't going to believe the conspiracy theory anyways...




    Your response to me just shows how blinded and entrenched in your own echo chamber you are... it's too bad, if you dropped your bias just a little bit, you would probably be capable of having a good conversation

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