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  1. As pathetic as it sounds.... I guess I'll be voting for the Libertarian party this go around... Never a supporter of the NDP or the Greens, but the Liberal candidate is some rich kid that used to be involved with the Clinton Foundation. Easier to just stay home, but I'd still rather cast my "useless" vote.... if not, it's a disrespect to those who served and fought for our rights. Plus I can't complain if I didn't vote.
  2. I guess Forsling will be the next "Kevin Connauton".... a Canucks prospect traded away, with the GM dragged through the mud for giving up too soon.... but the player eventually just ended up as some role player in the league.
  3. In world where people are hostile to one another and willing to fight/kill for whatever irrational reasons.... at least there's still some peacemaking going on.... I believe this is the 3rd Muslim nation this year to normalize relations with Israel (after the UAE and Bahrain). Hopefully Qatar and Oman will follow suit soon plus other more relatively "moderate" countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Malaysia, etc.
  4. I'd rather the money be spent on upgrading the military as a whole.
  5. Once my parents bought be a plastic $5 hockey stick from Superstore.... that was as far as I went
  6. I think Tryamkin stepped out to defend him after he got leveled or something.
  7. The only way a LTIR contract will be a positive is if the team needs to reach the floor and/or has poor cashflow (assuming the payout is insured).
  8. Nothing like having politicians telling sports organizations on how to play their game.
  9. I can't imagine talking in falsetto for the rest of my life, lol.
  10. I hope that Pettersson will re-sign for a similar amount
  11. To be fair, Stefan's stats mirrored Henrik's stats, up until the former retired. But geez... what a weak draft as a whole....