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  1. He has all rights to believe what he believes in and the team has all rights to terminate his contract... but this is slowly becoming a bit dangerous where there's retaliation for person opinions/beliefs/etc.
  2. Anyone with any opinions regarding QS or what was previously known as KCAC?
  3. The numbers really started to spike about 2 weeks ago.... which was 2 weeks after Halloween.... just saying...
  4. The commentators were pretty funny. One of them mentioned that the fight reminds him of 2 uncles fighting at a family BBQ or something, lol. Overall.... it wasn't a good match. You kept expecting Tyson to really throw his signature power punch, but never came. The novelty was kind of fun.... I mean the last match I saw Tyson was his match against Holyfield and has already been 20 years now. Even still... I would have been very pissed if I paid for PPV.
  5. When I think of sports, I think of a competition where you can practice and improve physically through repetition, whether the increase is in strength, accuracy, etc. For example, lifting weights can improve your score in golf, baseball and even bowling. But no matter if you can only lift 5 lbs or lift 500 lbs... it's not going to make a difference for chess or poker. Darts and pool I would consider as a sport, as you need to harness your physical ability to pull of whatever shot or throw.
  6. Their permit for mining got denied. Would have been the largest gold/copper mine in the US or something.
  7. I remember watching some video online and it was showing the average earning in different regions in the US.... like where wages are going up/down and by how much. Most of the US is relatively stagnant.... with the exception of DC and the surround area where people who work at DC also lived. Household income in those areas were like increasing 10%+ annually or something. Sometimes I wonder about the same thing in Canada.... and I wonder how much is it. The political class and their associates are more or less recreating the old feudal system.
  8. Depending on region and each tax policy on region. In the GVRD, there are: Provincial motor fuel tax B.C.'s carbon tax The B.C. Transportation Finance Authority tax TransLink tax Federal excise tax The extra hands in our collective pockets makes gas prices double/triple what it was less than 20 years ago.
  9. They'll just adjust what's in the basket. Kind of like how gas and rent aren't part of CPI, thus the government can keep telling people that inflation is low and everybody is better off then 10-20 years ago. Yet back when I had my first car and was looking at rental units at the West End.... it was like 0.50L for gas and $400/month for a 1BR right off Pacific Avenue. Now gas 3x is $1.20-1.50/L and 1BR at the West End is probably 5x at least $2000/month. The government still say that inflation has always been low.
  10. A currency doesn't exist in a vacuum, it is competing against other global currencies like the US dollar, British Pound, EU Euro, Japanese Yen, etc. Canada could start the printing press and give everyone a million dollars... but it creates inflationary pressure. Money isn't wealth.... money is just a representation of wealth. So if the Canadian government issues a $1 million to every single person in Canada, everyone doesn't become the 1%. Money is a representation of a nation's wealth. Eg. Doubling up Canada's currency doesn't mean it gets twice as rich. GDP stays the same, economic output remains the same, population level stays the same.... so a Canadian dollar will just worth 50% as much as before since fundamentally nothing changed, either than just labels. Examples of countries deciding to just print money non-stop.... Zimbawbe: and one that had a huge impact on the world... Weimar Germany: This probably worth less than even Monopoly money.
  11. How the heck do you upload a clear picture for the avatar?  

    All mine are blurry regardless of the size of the image uploaded....

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      Drive-By Body Pierce

      So, arbitrarily, for a 30x30 pixel upload, cut a 60x60 or 120x120 or 240x240 pixel square from your original, then upload that.

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  12. Another nail in the coffee for HK democracy. About a million people protested... but the civic government doesn't listen to the people.... unless it's the People's Republic of China.