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  1. I do have a longer-term position, but I do swing trading.
  2. I feel exactly the same. It's like everything I pick goes down nowadays. The days I wait on the sidelines, it goes a bit up. Then I re-enter and down it goes again...
  3. I enjoyed mostly Donny and the Moj. Lots of stories of Vancouver that was before my time.
  4. I think Kyle Wellwood and Victor Oreskovich are financial advisors. Lee Sweatt was a banker at Morgan Stanley or something.
  5. Well.... the economic theories are way older than me. There are uploaded videos talking about the Depression and stuff related to it back during the 50's and thereafter.... about what economic regulations were or weren't in place and what was done or shouldn't have been done. Just your own political opinion will make you believe in one more than another.
  6. The problem is that teachers may have their own political biases that may affect what they teach. I remember in elementary school learning about the Depression and stuff, my teacher emphasized how it was only due to government intervention that the world got out of it. That economies need mass government spending to sustain it. Not saying it's wrong, but anyone who has studied finance, economics, etc... will know that it's more complex than just running the printing press, that there are so many different theories and methods of how to jumpstart and economy, etc. Of course, not entirely blaming the teacher... as teacher are people too. They aren't always the most economically/financially literate people either and most likely my teacher was just using whatever the textbook provided. The best finance related stuff I ever learned in grade school was actually a math class in high school. The guy was actually a banker or financial planner for like 20-30 years previously and just switched to being a teacher as career change (less stressful for him). Teaching all that time value of money, interest, and all the stuff that's relevant to being an adult. Never learned anything useful in other business application courses or business education in high school. Of course, I still failed that math course (I suck at math, which is ironic because I work in finance now).... sometimes students and adults just don't care about finance until it's a mountain to overcome. I mean everyone knows how to be healthy, but there are tons of being just sit around all day eating chip and cookies.... then wonder why later in life they have type-2 diabetes or something. You can only lead a horse to water, you can't force it to drink the water.
  7. Before Canadians start patting themselves on the back.... the US also tested more per capita than Canada. The US is approximately has 106% of the population tested (most likely lots of people being tested multiple times).... whereas Canada is currently at 63%. A million different reasons for stark differences in numbers though.
  8. It is still flu season and the cold is still around. That being said, now is not the time to be a hero and to tough things out. Get the very ill one to the hospital or whatever for a quick test.
  9. There are plenty of clips on youtube of pundits saying that leading up to the "Great Recession" was just a small blip, until it wasn't. Not saying there's a crash coming... but anyone can say anything.
  10. Still a bit more than what I posted... but not as much as when it peaked.
  11. Lots of SPAC and precious metals. I started at like 0% to retirement... so still good overall... but still sucks losing on unrealized gains.
  12. Cashed out almost all my positions.... took major beatings.... from reaching almost 40% to my retirement.... so now back to just 12% there. SPAC bubble bursting, GME throwing a wrench into the market, bitcoin/crypto providing some unknown factors, plus the usual Feds/interest rates/seasonality/etc. At times like think I wish I could just drink my troubles away....
  13. Probably the whole GME thing sucking energy away from the SPAC field again. I guess I will just be liquidating my positions in the mean time and maybe re-enter once it reaches low (at least lower than the lows now).