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  1. Partially, but you have to view firearm in context of the laws and regulations in place. Then you have to view firearms in the greater context of criminal activities. Look at the actual data instead of rhetoric and you should realize that banning guns or heavy gun restrict is pointless and ineffective. Actually, you haven't defined "assault rifle" yourself. You just said, refer to a dictionary. But sure, lets play your games.... Merriam-Webster: "any of various intermediate-range, magazine-fed military rifles (such as the AK-47) that can be set for automatic or
  2. A bunch of people who don't know about a particular subject and assigning a catchy word/phrase that becomes part of everyday language.... doesn't mean it's credible or useful. It's like if everyone suddenly labelled sports cars as "Danger Cars".... and eventually it catches on. Does it automatically means it's really dangerous? From what I gather from your responses, you seem to have minimal knowledge about firearms and you not willing to educate yourself on the topic. Yet you are more than willing to just listen to whatever is popular and use their bias to pass judgement.
  3. A top scoring defenseman is more valuable than a top-line winger. While I wouldn't be opposed to having Matthew Tkatchuk on the team, the Canucks aren't exactly loaded with elite defensemen. Now if Calgary wishes to have a successor for Giordano and wish to throw in an extra 1st rounder or top prospect.... then the idea will be a bit more enticing.
  4. Just because people repeat it often enough that it's included into the dictionary doesn't mean it's a good word to use. There's no defined characteristic, there's no specific formula used to label what is an "assault rifle" from a regular rifle. It's as vague as the term "sports car". How would you define a sports car from an economy car or a family vehicle?
  5. Assault rifle/weapon is a made up term. To simplify things... firearms are usually either handguns or rifles. Handguns are usually either the pistol variety or revolvers. There are more sub-categories, but no really important now, except you need a Restricted PAL and gun has to be registered. For rifles, there's usually just bolt-action, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic. I mean there are technically less common variety like lever-action or even old fashion muskets... but for simplicity.... just 3 for now. Bolt-action are the ones you see in those old war movi
  6. Transition from junior to the pros is extremely difficult. Some players are men upon boys, with that extra split second can make a difference between making a good pass or a huge turnover. That little difference in an inch or two here and there may make one an elite player or one unable to keep up with the play. Plus sometimes it's all psychological. Players are too afraid to make mistakes as a bad play may mean being benched and maybe sent back down to the AHL. Potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars at stake.
  7. Don't people have to quarantine upon arrival anyways? 3 day waiting period where they have to do a Covid test where the will only be let out if negative... Isn't that enforced?
  8. I still don't know why they didn't follow up. If I said I saw someone with a gun, usually an officer would show up to investigate. If someone mentioned that the shooter had a hoard of guns, you'd assume someone would take notice. The police already have the power to check and they have the tip... not a law or regulation, just an enforcement issue.
  9. It becomes a gap where the police has unverified info, but they can't just search on a whim. I know that since I have a firearms license, the firearms officer and/or police can decide to drop by to search my place, although they will give warning first. For someone who isn't even supposed to have a firearm, you'd assume the threshold should be easier to contact a quick check. I mean if it was a meth lab or house making child porn, you'd bet the police will be sending in the entire force to check. That being said, it would really suck if you really don't have firearms and someon
  10. The guy was unlicensed, so they didn't even need any extra power. It is already illegal for anyone without a license to possess firearms. More rules wouldn't have made any difference since it's up to the police to actually enforce the laws they do have. The RCMP dropped the ball and instead of admitting any error, they and the government decide to twist the narrative to espouse the dangers of firearms or something. Even though the 99.9999% of legal firearms owner hasn't committed any crime. Banning guns that has never been used for criminal activities, banning one gun j
  11. Unfortunately, the rules aren't always based on science or facts, just government wanting to "do something" for the sake of doing something. That's not a good way to govern. If I want to drive to pick up Krispy Kreme, the police can hypothetically pull me over to check my ID to find out which health authority region I reside at? I mean... how did it actually help? I'm not talking about whether one should listen to the rules, but whether the rules are even worth enforcing to begin with. In regards to new variants.... seems to me that there will always be new variants and
  12. By that reasoning, I guess there should be no more outdoor protests too then, eh? Whether it's Earth Day, or BLM, or whatever.... those protests should be made illegal until the whole Covid situation is over? You're allowed to gather into groups outdoors as long as you're doing it safely. For large parties and stuff indoors, I believe they are already fining those people. I don't think anyone has issues with that. If the government really wants protect people, they should be encouraging people to be healthier overall. Obviously those who are elderly or with
  13. Considering it was a supposedly a big issue in places like Toronto where some minority groups were complaining they were targeted more. While the police previously claimed it was working to reduce crime, some claim it's a racist policy. Now... police can have a carte blanche to do it again. Got any complaints? Well... it's to fight Covid. If the police just decide to give extra focus on say... blacks... that they're going to check every single black person they come across... that is now acceptable?
  14. Imagine if the police only focus on ID'ing ethnic minorities. Racism or just cops acting within their powers to "fight covid"?
  15. As much as I want to hate TML for doing this.... the Canucks did the same back in 2011. IIRC, Edler was out for most of the 2nd half of the season and returned just in time for Game 1 against Chicago.
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