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  1. @Nuck1991 Just found this steaming hot take of mine from 2016 lol. I have to say though, if Loui has done one thing for this team, it's allowing Bo to elevate his play individually. Green has said Horvat has played better with Loui more than once.
  2. He's going to be a good player in my opinion. His skating gets him out of trouble right now though, I've seen highlights of him chasing behind the net leaving the slot open. He just needs to simplify defensively and stick to a system where he can use his skills to win his battles, and transition from there. The tendency is to try and do it all because for a long time he probably has been able to do that. He could be a 40 point dman in the NHL. 1 more year in college probably makes the most sense.
  3. Quinn Hughes is a fan of Jack Rathbone. Nough said.
  4. He could play. Whether or not he is ready is another question. Personally I think he should get games this year with Utica or the big team.
  5. Glad he's back. Nice to have some C depth again.
  6. The hard part of being a Canuck prospect is you either need to be a top 9 forward, or a PK specialist to get a spot on this team. Travis loves his PK guys. Motte, Beagle, Schaller, Eriksson, Sutter all PK. If Bailey is jumping in on the 4th line he's taking out a PK guy, for what is hopefully slightly better 5v5 play. If Bailey Pk'ed like Motte does, we could have a great combo there. Those guys are both really quick, with good shots.
  7. Honestly didn't even look before posting. Assumed it was Podkolzin lol. My brain is in the World Juniors thread, which is all threads for players in the WJC.
  8. If you want to compare and contrast Podkolzin and Virtanen. Virtanen Wins: Straight line speed One timer Velocity Snapshot Accuracy Hitting Podkolzin wins: Lateral Mobility Dekeing/Puck protection Passing Cycle Game Defensive coverage Overall creativity/deception If I was to describe Podkolzin he reminds me of J.T. Miller. Expect a creative passer who is great along the walls, and in front of the net with a heavy shot, above average speed and hands. Great battle level in all 3 zones, can sometimes try to do too much or be too cute with the puck. Has the ability
  9. The thing with Rafferty is the offense has been a constant, it's the defensive game that needs improvement. That's what Trent Cull is working on with him. If he can be a force in his own zone, then he will be a solid NHL D man. One thing the Canucks are good at doing is teaching battle level to their D prospects. Sautner, Brisebois, Stecher, all have really good battle level, Hughes too. Hopefully he can be an tough guy to play against in all 3 zones. Juolevi similarly needs that extra bit of battle level in his own zone.
  10. I've like Brisebois's game as well. physicality is up, but he's not looking rushed on the puck either. He's got a good shot, and plays like a slightly more skilled Ashton Sautner imo. Wouldn't be surprised to see him play 5-10 games this year.
  11. It's interesting to have another SHL player after Petey. I don't know how to measure expectations anymore lol. It's like SHL MVP or just another guy in the mix haha. I think he has done well though. From what I have seen he is getting and creating chances in 13-15 mins a game which is great for a 19 year old in the SHL.
  12. Yes, I think it is at 8 rinks.
  13. Yes. That was not the goal though. This was.
  14. I will be trying to put out gifs as much as I can, but this game was not streamed from what I could see. This is apparently the moment he scored.
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