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  1. wander when benning is gonna make a move or choice with  players 

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Season isn`t even over yet.  No need to panic yet.

    3. Coconuts


      Most GM's haven't done anything 

    4. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Reminds me of last year when people thought Edler wouldn't re-sign.  I trust Benning to do his job here.

  2. are cap problem goes away after next yr sutter baertchi spooner benn edler pearson fabtenberg stecher tanev markstrom all off books in one season thats 32 mill of cap space plus seattle might take a roussel or beagle thats another 3 mill thats before trades and before eriksson sits in minors or voids contract thats another 1 or 6 mill off books so in all reality we might lose tanev stecher and markstrom. im really ok with that
  3. thats fine stecher tanev markstrom out the door i say go younger helps in 21-22 we wont lose demko that way at expansion draft i would sign toffoli gaudette macewen virtanen motte and trade out pearson for a decent draft pick waive sutter and eriksson 2 mill extra in cap saving with them in utica or at best louie voids contract and either retain half baertchi contract or buy him out gives us a ton of cap space this yr and next yr to resign hughes petey two yrs from now we have rathbone podzolkin and hoglander on entry level deals cant complain bout that miller petey toffoli hoglander horvat boeser roussel gaudette virtanen macewen beagle motte lind edler myers hughes juolevi benn rathbone rafferty need cernak of alex pietroangelo on right side look out we dominate teams plus podzolkin arrives the following yr
  4. podzolkin and a first should get us a elite player not garbage cap dumps the original post is out to lunch
  5. tanev getting a raise from 4.5 mill to 5.5 stecher getting a raise from 2.3 to 2.9 there's no way im paying these guys 8.4 mill combined cap dump two of Sutter Roussel or Eriksson in minors and give that cap to Alex pietroangelo win a cup hughes pietroangelo edler myers juolevi benn rathbone
  6. wow your trade proposals get worst every week benning has said hes not paying picks or good prospects for contracts dumps the owner is sooner gonna send them to utica before they do that so for one you dont trade grade a prospects like podzolkin or hoglander on elc for cap dumps basically juolevi lind dipietro rathbone hoglander or podz are going nowhere Hopefully some teams are interested in sutter or baertchi and roussel and benn perhaps they can be traded for prospects like brisebois or gadzovich or late picks. If owner eats money he could send sutter eriksson to join baertchi on comets frees up 3 mill in cap with these three down there or best case scenario eriksson mutually cancells contract so he can play a yr or 2 more in nhl with another team fingers crossed markstrom and tanev stecher are probably gone demko toffoli and macewen motte and virtanen can be resigned and maybe a few dmen like cernak or dillion and next yr we will have money to sign petey hughes
  7. if we buy out eriksson his cap hit is still highwith the wayhiscontract structured i feel like they tell him mutually terminate contract or enjoy 2 yrs in utica on the bus if anything i offer a 2022 2nd rounder to get rid of sutter and retain half of baertchi contract and offer a 3rd rounder cap savings 6 mill if eriksson cancells contract or 1mill plus 4.25 plus 1.8 so either 13 mill cleared or 7mill not to shabby
  8. obviously jakes living his best life im ok with that. Party jake still has better advanced stats that 70 percent of our team let that sink in
  9. sutter sucks only thing he can do is win faceoffs his contract is as almost as bad as erikssons is 4.25 mill a yr to be slow and win faceoffs hilarious
  10. give bruins virtanen and he def gets a cup win they will tell him to hit anything that moves i hate bruins but if jake was on team maybe id buy a virtanen jersey im not giving gaudette and jake for carlo no way or a first in 21 hard pass we could get ekblad for boeser, stecher and a first
  11. if anything i trade pearson for a late first and demko for a mid first we can draft a dman and maybe the luke hughes kid next yr drafti take top goalie at that draft markstrom and back up next yr then dipietro backup in 21-22
  12. or we could justbury eriksson in minirs nd trade demko for 10th-15th overall pick lr highest bidder
  13. pearson was on pace for 54 regular season points in full yr but no showed in last round of playoffs benning could use cap dump to help resign marky and toffoli and gain another asset in draft value late 1st or high 2nd rounder virtanen definate nhler 20 goals 19 assists great season but coach and him not compatible has great advanced stats and is under utilized by green value late 1st early 2nd or a decent defensive prospect demko had a monster playoffs lots of teams would want him as their future number 1 will a team like sabres or detroit offer up a top ten draft pick for this kid if so we run with it we need a young potential 1st pair dman by 21-22 season podzolkin and hoglander will be sniping it up in our top six miller petey boeser hoglander horvat podzolkin macewen gaudette toffoli
  14. weird how does that work hughes has 77 games played already plus playoffs
  15. there is no way tanev is worth 5-6 mill at 31 let alone him getting paid that at 35 i let ct walk if pens giving him a 5 yr deal @ 5 or 6 a yr hell 3 more you get a alex pietrangelo dman that doesnt pp pk scores hits gets 40-50 points every yr can shut down good forwards