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  1. well 4 out of 5 i met are cocky assholes soo maybe the shoe fits
  2. most nhlers are cocky i met pavel and his brother in kelowna they were asshole i met craig anderson and ronning also assholes but jovo was the nicest guy jakes always beennoce in interviews amd always smiling amd looks like a good teammate but ya could ve different behind the scenes
  3. guys overrated on d wild suck id rather jimbo finds a elite talent at 9 th than drop down hard passs
  4. i feel like alot if people jump on anything jake does and judge him he seems like a good kid hell even sedins dumped on him for hitting a guy and getting suspended like threw him under the bus we need jake hitting people on this team we are soft as 3ply. i m waiting to see what comes out in next few weeks but to me it seems like a money grab by this girl hopefully im right but in all reality no one else has come forth with other allegations so its a isolated incident. Perhaps for jake we ship him to sanjose or florida give him a fresh start
  5. lol nah hes gonna go east and score 30-40 in somewhere like florida live the beach life
  6. id give ovi the 6x6 deal ina heart beat are u kidding me legend who would break 99s record on peteys wing il take 5 more 50 goal seasons from him please
  7. mason is retired kool comeback
  8. in all reality jake has a 100 more points in nhl than u ever will so kool story
  9. you have the worst takes bud i get u dont like jake but 6 game winners are clutch otherwise u come off looking stupid
  10. ya and jake must be guilty because she said he did it to right ... in all reality its a attempted cash grab guess we will find out soon enough
  11. ya it seems like she was pissed he dudnt call her back and wanted some cash and to ruin his reputation if its true i hope they throw the book at her
  12. he scored 18 the yr before with 18 apples im pretty sure hes better at hockey that most people
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