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  1. ? calder winner ppg pretty much first 2 yrs yes hes at barzal level
  2. we can get a real elite right handed dman if we draft top 5 clarke or powers please. Canucks might not get a win in next 3 games 2 leafs and one oiler matchup they way things being going we could fall to 30th overall by april 20th sabres even playing better they might even catch us. its doubtful but you never know. Devils can pass us tonight with a win
  3. its one yr left why would u give up a lotto pick or a stud d man like rathbone in all reality maybe give up a 3rd rounder in 2022. Id rather just send him to utica let him ride the buses it clears 1 mill in cap space no picks lost they can trade him at next yr trade deadline as well where his cap hit will be like 750k much cheaper to unload that maybe a 4th or 5th. Other possibility is he retires or seattle takes him for pk duty. No way in hell im trading rathbone or a top5 pick for eriksson.
  4. ya i was ultra lil til i was 17 then a foot in a yr i blew my knee iut in mens soccer in osoyoos because a week earlier me and my buddy from chad had competition in pe class who would score more. 1 buck a goal so wed play hard d on each other i went in for a slide tackle and our shins collided really hard must have weakened my knee a bit cuz i ripped cartilage in half and had surgery 2 weeks before grad. Lots of peopke didn't recognize me after highschool because i was like no where the same size like im 6’4 245 now haha so much better than 5’1 120 just wish i had been that size when
  5. except tanev has no offensive talent or physicality great conparison i totally see tanev as a defensive linden lol right notice the sarcasm
  6. ya then i looked at how tiny he was i could be wrong he was good in ncaa but is he gonna be the same in nhl doubtful. hes 21 5’11 not short but weighs 152 does he not eat like get on the gym and steak and guinness diet i was 5’1 120 when i was 17 by 18 i was 6’1 155 by the time i was 21 i was 6’4 179 and i didnt have a fancy pro hockey diet but i was in good shape biked 70km 2 times a week and played hockey 4 nights
  7. your clueless the russian coach knows hes leaving khl so he limits his ice time he just tied khl record for under 20 yr olds while playing 5-9 mins a game he was a top 3 pick if he hadnt been signing in khl soo ya hes not a third liner
  8. we drafted forsling and madden we did nt develop them plus gaudettes played here 3 yrs plus a ton of training camps and skills development we moved on from him. As for mccann he had attitude problems and gm was sick of dealing with bs
  9. rockets are a good organication they are top notch i got scouted by them when they were in tacoma
  10. you need bottom 6 prospects as well kole has upside to be a decent 3rd liner. Most nhlers dont make the bigs til they are 21-23. If yiur a top ten pick you might make it at 18 but more often then not its 19-21. Watching podkolzin in wirld junior and in khl this kids definately a top 6 winger
  11. kole lind is a solid player you dont draft and develop youth just to thriw them away hes paid his dues in ahl canucks will wanna see how he does in bigs before hes labelled a bust by you. Koles game is very different than sutters hes a scorer and hustles and hits with high competitve side. podkolzin is a shiny new toy redy next yr and hes gonna be top 6 we hot lotsto be excited about
  12. lots can happen before expansion draft virtanen ciuld be traded or benning might trade a bunch of players or they might leave myers available as a cap dump. jimbo ssys hes jot worried about cap so lets see what he does i dont wanna lose jake or macewen or kole lind letts see what happens
  13. ya i dont think petey would sign a offer sheet but he will want to get paid if we give him bridge its barzal money 3 yrs @ 7 mill per if benning figures a way to shed cap id rather it 8 yrs 10 mill. Hughes cant even be offer sheeted yet he will be paid well maybe 3 yr 7 mill contract wait to see what benning has planned. podkolzin is gonna be rookie of yr next yr this guys a stud who drives play
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