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  1. your first mistake was signing up with Bell
  2. the point is there's only a certain number of saturdays in the season so expecting them to give us montreal and toronto a game every saturday is a ridiculous expectation. Sportsnet covers the majority of our games, who gives a crap about CBC
  3. even less than we do I think, wonder if their fans are whining and crying about it too.....
  4. There aren't even 30 saturdays during the entire course of the regular season
  5. CBC headquarters are in Toronto, Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, the Leafs (and the Habs for that matter) have a bigger fanbase than we do.....it's really not that complicated.
  6. James Duthie ‏@tsnjamesduthie 23 Aug About to surpass my entire summer's tweet total in a 5-minute span so bear with me... Expand Reply Retweet Favorite [*] Strombone ‏@strombone1 23 Aug @tsnjamesduthie *grabs popcorn* Strombone ‏@strombone1 23 Aug I think I'm gonna need more popcorn...... pic.twitter.com/ruLipni6qs
  7. I just wanted to apologize to all the people who had to replace their Budweiser Red Light bulb after yesterday's debacle #LUON8O
  8. hahaha that was fracking amazing by Henry too bad we all know he's going to lose to Cena
  9. The Rock was making $15,000,000 a movie back in the early 2000's think he got that much for Walking Tall. I can only imagine how much he gets paid per movie now He doesn't need WWE at all
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mHA02bOV-II
  11. That was the best raw crowd in years lol. that raw was far better than WM last night I think Ryback will be a tweener not a heel. Either way he's more over than ever now lol he got the biggest pop of the night aside from Ziggler winning the WHC
  12. Even if they turn Ryback heel he will still be over cause he'll all of a sudden become every Cena hater's favourite wrestler lol
  13. i'm streaming it, lol @ anyone who actually pays $70 for it this year
  14. as long as Ryback can get him up for shellshocked I don't care what else happens in that match lol
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