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  1. Im just going to put this right here...
  2. https://twitter.com/FriedgeHNIC/status/1377349008302120960?s=20
  3. Just heard a rumour Demko just signed 5x5 Edit. Guess its not a rumour...
  4. Thats what happens when management is confused as hell and changes the team logo every few years... you get very psychologically damaged children
  5. A little sensitive are we Drew? go back and re-read your posts... If those posts didn't deserve a little ribbing then I guess natural selection doesn't exist. If your going to post something publicly then learn to expect all kinds of responses. Fwiw I enjoyed the read. The execution was just a little Bill and Ted.
  6. Nope I change my mind. Your on Meth. If anything it was an entertaining read while working the night shift.
  7. Drew (if that really is your name) either you you were drunk or high when you wrote this rant... I'm guessing high. racial profile much? You lost me at ovechkin. Canucks are doomed and Tryamkin is going to be a bust because there has never before been a non-English speaking player drafted by an NHL team let alone the Vancouver Canucks.
  8. Caught my plaid jacket in my mitre saw once. Not a pretty sight. Still wear it out at the cabin tho. That's how you tell the diff between the hipsters and the real men. The type of lotion they use on their hands and the condition of their plaid jacket.
  9. Hardest laugh of the day right there
  10. From Botchford, if this doesn't make you smile then i don't know what will! http://www.theprovince.com/sports/canucks+ducks+horvat+tryamkin+with+tour+force+performances/11824846/story.html "...So did every hit Tyramkin executed. The big Russian put on a physical tour de force, crumpling Brandon Pirri with a bodycheck and then swatting 240-pound Chris Stewart, who was looking to avenge that hit, like he was a fruit fly. Later he shoved Ryan Kesler off the puck, and to the ice like he was pushing a five-pound rock out of a five-storey window. The Ca
  11. 5-6 hits a game would be nice to see! On another note, I think we all expected Tryamkin to struggle with the smaller ice surface and it does look like he has some improving to do with the speed and tightness of the game... But on the other hand I think the smaller ice surface has helped him, as he now can use his reach and size a lot more than on the euro rink. Things are are looking up for this young D!
  12. "You think a little bit and someone is already approaching you to destroy." Quote of the year right there.
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