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  1. After the way the team behaved them losing is small bit of well deserved karma and thank goodness for that. I can only hope this disgusting and disgraceful behavior stops and there is an apology issued for it at some point. Hopefully the team and league get their act together and aren't celebrating Pablo Escobar, Timothy McVeigh & isis next year. This has been the lowest period for this team. You would think pro athletes being built up by the community for their whole life would have more inner strength and courage.
  2. Thank goodness. 1 more game to send this disgraceful team home from this dumpster fire.
  3. After the absolutely disgusting and disgraceful grandstanding the Canucks have been doing I'm glad to see Vegas win. 2 more to go, end this mess.
  4. You're promoting classism which is a human rights abuse. Equality under the law.
  5. Equality under the law, the very foundation of society. When is the cancellations for the overdose crisis planned? Huh? Oh of course they don't matter or anyone else that doesn't have the right problem. Gross.
  6. What a load of crap. Play the freaking games. This is so stupid. They are kowtowing to bullies and abusers. Sickening and really it's a human rights abuse. Gross.
  7. After that awesome Colorado vs Dallas game I'm all pumped up for this game to get going right now.
  8. Pettersson gave Youtubers that make highlight videos a bunch of footage tonight.
  9. Time to lay a hard check on Tuch, he's way too confident right now. Time to get him a little nervous.
  10. Power Play, Power Play, Power Play. The team saw in the last game that Vegas are gonna try to go after Hughes so they better have power play strats worked out to handle that. The PP is a shining beacon of hope for the Canucks in this series so lets take advantage of those opportunities.
  11. If Canucks aren't prepared to play really hard, like they did in Game 6 against the Blues, then It's gonna be more of the same. At this point it's just one game so I'm not gonna get too worked up about it. Need to work on the PP and be prepared for the pressure Vegas put on Hughes and come up with a way to deal with that.
  12. Everybody's got a plan until Quinn Hughes blows through your D coverage.
  13. Reaves and Carrier get the most attention but McNabb may be their dirtiest player. I'll be interested to see the reaction to McNabb on here as the series goes on.
  14. Petey just blows my mind. Every other team now knows how important it is to play physical on him because if he has space he's gonna burn you bad.
  15. Oh how I love when we have the best goalie in a series. Thank you Marky.
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