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  1. I’m rooting for this kid! If he turns out to be a good middle 6 player that would be amazing. With drafting like this in the later rounds I don’t care if Bennington trades away the first round picks.
  2. Great highlights! I forgot a lot of these. This has me pumped for this season. This kid has that right level of determination and snarl.
  3. We need to stock the cupboard only because we are in the middle of making a delicious dinner
  4. Buffalo gets to waste another great player yay!
  5. I find it so weird that the person tested positive this much later. They were isolated and must have been tested already a bunch of times. It makes me wonder how many other people in the public don’t show they’re infected until a week later. Could leave a big opening for someone to think they don’t have COVID from one test but a few days later they actually do have it.
  6. Damn this is frustrating. I don’t think it’s the talent that is the issue. I’m a big green supporter but it might be time to change coaches just for a fresh start with the players.
  7. I don't care what anyone thinks. We played hard this game. Was it perfect no... they lost but I thought they put in the effort tonight.
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