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  1. I find it so weird that the person tested positive this much later. They were isolated and must have been tested already a bunch of times. It makes me wonder how many other people in the public don’t show they’re infected until a week later. Could leave a big opening for someone to think they don’t have COVID from one test but a few days later they actually do have it.
  2. Damn this is frustrating. I don’t think it’s the talent that is the issue. I’m a big green supporter but it might be time to change coaches just for a fresh start with the players.
  3. I don't care what anyone thinks. We played hard this game. Was it perfect no... they lost but I thought they put in the effort tonight.
  4. This is a silly sketch I made.
  5. I made a silly sketch of What Bonnie Henry Wants to say but Can't
  6. That was more depressing than knowing the lockdown is going on for another month.
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