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  1. He played average last season,so it's partly on him.
  2. Yes,they have finally brought some tall trees for him to eat.
  3. Seems like the bargain bin spilled over into our cart today
  4. We dumped Erikson,there is hope in all situations....even dumped Luongo and he was making top goalie money back then.
  5. Casinos and untaxed pot,they should be doing alright.
  6. Eh,if they wanted him truly gone they'd be in the streets for weeks. And if they were beaten they'd take up weapons and go at it for keeps.
  7. Your leader says a lot about your population usually
  8. Ugh,Benning talking to Sutter and Hamonic about staying.
  9. Who is Dickinson and why haven't I ever heard of him?lol
  10. Lack of talent?How did we manage that?The bottom 6 needs work but we've had worse teams still make the playoffs.
  11. SERIOUSLY?!Guy is a hack if he can't even fire his assistants.
  12. Definitely Green first,Benning has at least assembled decent talent. A few missteps on the cap front though and keeping a few players too long.
  13. COVID made too many options disappear,like firing coaches or putting on waivers. I'm not even sure what teams can do.
  14. Sad state of affairs that I predict a loss every night,but that is where we are. Not even during the rebuild was I so down on their resolve.
  15. I think I'd take a one armed Alex Burrows at this point as coach. Better effort but still choking.
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