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  1. Why would we do that? We are no threat to any country and no country is a threat to us.
  2. I just feel we give Benning way too much credit for his hits as compared to his misses in the draft. Benning gave us Pettersson, Hughes and Boeser but at the same time, he got us Virtanen and Juolevi. Even though there were clearly better choices on the board.
  3. Yeah, I have a great source for Linden and Brackett. Me and my memory. I remember the situation well and I remember what everyone was saying about the situation so I can maintain my opinion of Benning forcing out Linden and Brackett. And what about Gaudette? He is a roster player on the third line who is easily replaceable. If you are going to give Benning a lot of credit on that then you can say Nonis was a better GM then Benning since he got Edler in the third round and Alex Burrows as a free agent. Schmidt hasn't played a game for the Canucks so it's too early to say he was a home run and you are right Myers was not a terrible contract. It's just a really, really bad one.
  4. The best thing he ever did was draft Boeser, Pettersson and Hughes and trade for Miller. Other than that he signed Eriksson, Sutter (foundational piece) and a lot of other terrible contracts, he drafted Virtanen and Juolevi when there were better players on the board. He forced out Linden and Brackett. Made the playoffs once in 5 years. He took too much time screwing around with the Coyotes and his free agents bolted. Far from a great GM. I would say he is adequate at best.
  5. Swallow my pride and ride a bus for 6.5 million dollars a year? The salary is enough of a posh amenity.
  6. Why didn't JB just try to get 2.5 mil more and outright try to sign Petro instead?
  7. Virtanen mismanaged himself.
  8. Now, I am starting to see why Benning signed Sutter.
  9. We are hockey fans, we are not his parents.
  10. Andersson for Stecher's rights. Use Stecher's money to resign Tanev and bring up Juolevi or Rafferty.
  11. The Seattle Chop is going to play in the Climate Change arena.
  12. If the Canucks lose then there is a chance at number 1 pick, and our free agents might be getting less money if they did not do well during the Minny series versus beating Minny, losing our pick to New Jersey and maybe getting to the second round in the playoffs...I love my Canucks but I kinda hope Minny smokes them. Winning the draft tournament is pretty good experience for the young players in my eyes.