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  1. Rathbone would be trade bait. We already have a Quinn Hughes who is better and makes Rathbone redundant. Two small left handed D makes defense very weak. The Canucks have a boatload of offensive minded Dmen right now. So Rathbone makes no sense for me.
  2. They just signed him to a two year contract. It's the beginning of the season, job security is not an issue right now for Green,
  3. I don't see where the skepticism comes from. The Sedins won their trophies as 30 and 31 years old so to think OEL is past is prime who is still only 30 years old is nonsense.
  4. People tend to forget that OEL played for a team that spent more time in the Dzone than in the Ozone. This tells me that defensively, he will be very sound. What impressed me is his offensive abilities. That drop pass to Pearson was like he had eyes in the back of his head. Just imagining him and Hughes quarterbacking two lethal defensive lines on the PP is going to be fun. I actually see him having his best NHL year.
  5. I can see why so many people are angry but doubt Gadjovich will get claimed considering the type of other talent that are in the waiver wire right now. This is actually the best time to sneak him in. WHen you look at the D and now Sutter and Motte being out, defensive players are where it's at and Gadjovich doesn't have that. If there was a spot in the top nine open, then he would slot in well but not the forth line.
  6. The agent is a lot more experienced than the players in this field. It is easy to talk the players into accepting a contract or not. Especially an agent like Berry.
  7. The one who got the Canucks into the SCF, the one who made the playoffs most of the time they were gm
  8. Not when we are talking about contracts. He'll run out an FA as quick as possible but he has a thing about making his own guys wait. His We ran out of time comment is a perfect illustration of that.
  9. See I am worried about the Boeser bridge deal because how much more will we need to overpay when he needs to reup so quickly.
  10. There are lots we don't know but there are lots I do know. For instance there are many other GM's who are much better at handling players than Benning.
  11. I agree with the things you say but I just don't think Benning is a good negotiator. This contract issue is on him.
  12. That's the part of Benning's management style that makes me suspect. He is not known to be a great players GM from past reports and I wonder if this can be more management's fault than the players. As a fan I would rather blame management than the players because one after seeing the players the past couple of years, it is hard for me to imagine them being really hard to negotiate with and two because Bennign has more control of this proccess then Petey or Quinn. So fans blaming the two just rocks my mind.
  13. I think those types of deals could have been done regardless. At the time of trading Schmidt, teams were well aware the Canucks did not have enough cap space to sign bot Hughes and Pettersson but somehow he ended up getting traded anyway. The Arizona deal was done because they wanted to shed OEL, if Benning wanted him so bad, he would have found a way to make it work regardless of having Petey and Hughes signed or not.
  14. Focus on what with Petey? He was injured for most of the second half of the season.
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