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  1. I blame the media for the Canucks losing the SCF against Boston. Too much negative coverage.
  2. If they need to shut down certain players and bring up players from Utica and the taxi squad then that sounds good to me. Let our players get their health back in order the season is a wash anyways. Plus is we get a high draft pick from it then so be it.
  3. Maybe not but you don't hear that kind of stuff often with players who have been traded away. Sekeras has been wrong but he isn't really the type to make that kind of stuff up. Especially when he knows the kind of backlash that kind of news can bring out,
  4. Not crucifying, just trying to make sense of the rather unimpressive haul Benning got for him.
  5. Don't give up on Lind yet. Like Juolevi, injuries has kept him down. A switch from wing to center also took some time for adjustment but he is the Comet's number one center and primary offensive driver this year. https://canucksarmy.com/2021/03/05/fabers-prospect-lind-faceoff-zlodeyev-podkolzin-gadjovich-more/
  6. It's all over Redditt that both management and players were upset with him. https://www.reddit.com/r/canucks/comments/mpogur/im_told_the_opposite_that_there_were_resentful/
  7. 200K is 200K for this season. Also Gaudette needs to be resigned after this season so he will probably get a bump. Also one less contract to worry about the less I worry about Benning not having enough time.
  8. I am regularly a Benning basher but this trade, saves a little cap for Hughes and Pettersson. And opens a spot for Kole Lind. I can get behind this.
  9. I hate to say this but we need to lock Petey at home. Then get 3 groups of of Canucks fans to support him. One group schedules food runs for him. The other schedules zoom time so he don't get lonely. And finally a third to to bubble wrap his apartment so nothing bad goes in or out. Come on team! Let's go!
  10. My worry is that Ian Clark doesn't resign because Benning isn't exactly great at retaining good people. Benning drove out Malholtra, Brackett, Linden. Stories of him not being a good communicator. There are lots of things that make me think Clark would not stay because Benning is not the best guy to work for.
  11. What makes you think it's not?
  12. I would consider Benning to be the worst GM since Keenan if Clark does not come back.
  13. After Demko signing for 5 years, the Canucks need to lock up Ian Clark. He is by far the best goaltending coach the Canucks have had. If Benning can't keep him then I just give up. Bennign has just let too many good people go.
  14. You don't even understand how much I want to be positive. I want to be so positive about this team I grew up with. I want to be positive like I was in the Linden/Bure days, like WCE days, like the Sedin team dominating the NHL regular season days but the stories of Benning only saying certain things during interviews and not following through with pending free agents, like the loss of quality people like Linden, Brackett,, Malholtra etc. has me very skeptical about this regime.
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