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  1. Benning does this to troll Canucks fans. He always takes his sweet time with his stars. I remember Horvat and Boeser were also signed late in the off season.
  2. Here is an idea for Jim, Sign Petey before teams have a chance to offer sheet him.
  3. Lots of players in the Ring of Honour that did not end thier careers in Vancouver.
  4. If it was just Petey then I would think it's Petey holding our but both Petey and Quinn is not signed. That's Benning. Watch both get offer sheets.
  5. Hate to say it but I see Edler going to Calgary to replace Giordano.
  6. And eating, don't forget his eating. Loved showing up to training camp overweight.
  7. I'm thinking Ehlers. Benning doesn't seem to like drafting Canadians.
  8. I'm not sour about not drafting Tkachuk, I'm sour about not drafting Sergachev in that draft.
  9. I heard that we wouldn't have even drafted Virtanen if Benning had his way. Just ownership wanted a hometown boy. Not confirmed but rumours.
  10. I feel like drafting hometown kids don't work well. He had no chance to mature and be his own man. Sometimes having family and childhood friends around when you are a young millionaire gets you distracted from the goal.
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