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Post Game Conference+ Canuck's Attitudes


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Id encourage fans to watch the post game coverage from the Philly game if you havent already ( it's available on the website)

Naslund's interview was one of the most promising i've seen him give in ages. He was confident, even after a 8-2 loss, and more importantly made no excuses. Moreover i thought HIS play was decent and I think he's played hard in the first three games, he eluded to a need for better "individual preparation" by Canucks players- interesting to see who he means.

Also Luongo looked ashamed and i think he ought to, we expect better from him and its unreasonable for him to let in 4 goals on 13 shots. Then again i guess everybody gets one.

I also thought it was funny when the reporter said to Luongo "what do you think you need to do better to fix the flat start to home games?" what the **** is he supposed to say to that, hes the ****ing goalie he can't "come out harder"

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