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Usman vs Burns:

-Usman wins by wrestling Burns

-Burns wins by tko or ko.


Adesanya vs Blachowicz:

-Adesanya wins by lighting him up with jabs eventully Tko or KO.

-Blachowicz wins by hail mary punch or by sitting on Adesanya.

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23 hours ago, Canuckster86 said:

That knockout of Frankie Edgar was pretty awesome to see... He was out instantly!


21 hours ago, WHL rocks said:

Wow. How about that knee by Sandhagen. Dont like seeing Frankie Edgar like that. The man is a legend. 

The focus was awesome. Sandhagen's eyes were locked on target as he flew through the air. His head even turned during flight to watch the impact.

Calm precision. 






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ugh shoulda watched the fights, but no canucks had to crush my soul again.

EDIT: Just watched the flying knee, holy crap edgar was out big time.

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16 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

hope the main is good, tried to watch the stream but its likely ultra slow motion with glitching still, even with refreshing/changing ip. better luck next ppv maybe!?

mines fine, you could try sport surge, they have a bunch

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You know I wasn't 100 % sold on Usmann after the Mazvidal fight but after getting rocked by Burns and finishing him like that he is the real deal and maybe the best lb for lb fighter - damn he is solid!!!

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Not sure why Usman wants to fight Masvidal again, he isn't the top contender in my opinion. Would like to see Usman fight Khabib/Adesanya maybe GSP but if that happened don't know if the Canadian would win.


Also be interesting to see if UFC can put Covington vs Edwards together, wonder how Edwards will fair with over 1.5 years off between fights...


Sucks Chimaev got Covid, he was an up and comer and would have for sure got the title shot if he beat Edwards, goes to show you fit athletes can suffer quite a bit from Covid too!

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