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Luongo Vs. AV system


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I just have one question, which has bugged me all year.

Do we, or Do we not have one of the best Goalies in the league?

IMO we do, Roberto comes out every night and gives OUR team a chance to win; however we cannot ask him to get a shutout every night.

This is why I just can’t understand why AV is the coach of this team. I personally have nothing against AV, but does it not make sense to have an offensive minded coach, being we have such confidence in our goalie.

Even with the players we currently have, would you not be comfortable, running and gunning with any team in this league, like the old Crawford days? I understand we probably need to lose Naslund and bring in a top six scores who can actually put the puck in the net, but come on! Lets utilize our goalie and bring back the exciting system from a few years back. I can’t imagine having Luongo during the Crawford reign – we would have been un-stoppable.

In the end I feel AV shows NO confidence in Luongo’s ability to stop the puck, so he insists to have his players dump the puck IN and send one guy.

Nonis ISN”T going anywhere and will fix this issue ASAP (fire AV) because if he wants to attract any free agents - AV can’t be OUR COACH.

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