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On 9/15/2020 at 6:34 AM, Gollumpus said:

"Watch" is perhaps an appropriate term when talking about bands such as Baby Metal. They are definitely a band which requires seeing them to get full value from the production (such a big stage show). I find the back up band (Kami Band) to be of greater interest than the trio of gals up front doing the vocals and dance. This is an earlier song/production (yeah, 7ish years ago) when they still had the original lead guitarist and one of the three gals had yet to develop health issues. 


The music scene in Japan appears to be rather fraternal, where a number of these longer term bands (Band Maid, Baby Metal/Kami Band, Scandal, Silent Siren and so on) are all very supportive of one another).


If I'm not listening to Band Maid, and I want something Japanese, which also has a big visual production, then I drift towards:


Waggaki Band


I also like Shamisen Girls


                                                           regards,  G.


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Music 1:25 in. This teen can flat out sing!


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I'm doing a binge, re-watch of Cowboy Bebop. I've been listening to these two pieces of music a fair amount.



                                                            regards,  G.

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I remember watching this from the PVR years ago, in absolute awe...



Wish I could have seen Grinderman live. Still need to see Nick Cave, but don’t think he’ll rock quite this hard going forward.

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