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So, I woke up at about 0230 this AM. It was my fault as I had screwed up my sleep pattern for the previous few days.


I got out of bed and went to look at my e-mail, and was pleased to see that my badgering of various friends to try some new music had paid off (again). One guy put me on to a fairly new group named Dry Cleaning. Parts of their sound remind me of CAKE (more the vocals but perhaps without the horn section). I suppose this could be described as "post punk"?




The use of the curtains in the previous video reminds me of fashion from the Tudor period:






Maybe it's the lack of sleep (maybe not), but I think I like these guys.


                                              regards,  G.

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On 4/26/2021 at 2:57 PM, Canuck Surfer said:

I think Band Maid may need their own thread soon...   :ph34r:

I'd be down with that, but I've never felt that many people were taking a look at BM on any regular basis, if at all (outside of of @Ghostsof1915 and myself).


Speaking of Band Maid:



Here's something which I barely have listened to:



                                                        regards,  G.

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I think I'm going to go watch a movie. Option #1: Diva (1981)  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082269/?ref_=kw_li_i This is quirky and lots of fun.


The opening sequence sets the film up. A Jules makes a bootleg tape of a diva who refuses to record (and sell records etc.). The Jules is noticed by two Japanese "businessmen" who want the tape. Things get complicated when a second tape is introduced into the story, which involves a French crime syndicate. Now, the Jules is being pursued by two groups, neither one knowing of the other group in the mix, and he meets a young woman who may provide a way out, but what are the real motivations of his saviours? 



Option #2: Mon Oncle (1958) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050706/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0  Jacques Tati.



Warm, nostalgic and a lot of fun. Adrienne Servante (the woman we see doing the domestic chores in this scene) is really good. Tati is, of course, Tati.


                                                         regards,  G.

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I got lured and instead watched this:



A visual and auditory series of expectations, sometimes which occur, but often you are pointed in the wrong direction. People in the film can see all around them through the glass walls/doors but there is little to no communication between them because there is no means of contact.


It is a film about a day with chance meetings, which turn into lifelong friendships, only to have them dissolve with the dawn of the following day. There is next to nothing in the way of dialogue to advance the plot. Most everything which needs saying is done as if you were hearing a conversation but from a distance, such that you barely hear anything and have to rely on physical cues and facial expressions to fill in the blanks. Slightly exaggerated sound.effects from the various mundane objects (doors are a big one) also help complete the scene.


                                                       regards,  G.

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