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On 6/21/2022 at 10:00 AM, The Arrogant Worms said:

He is good kid.  He also gave me the LP of Wings greatest hits.  Probably because he knows I am a John Lennon fan lol.

He will be 27 in August.....I never pushed him to like any type of music but he ended up liking The Beatles....The Stones....Jimmy Buffett...Nick Lowe....Wreckless Eric..Wilco.....even Neil Diamond lol..  He hates rap and hip hop.  That warms my heart.  And his favorite band Blue Rodeo

I love all kinds of music from Beethoven/ Mozart to ragtime, the blues, Doris Day, however I am a punk rocker at heart.

I was 11 years old in 1975 when I went to London with my folks and punk was new, the haircuts, the social outrage, this was/ is me.

Got tickets to see the circle jerks in September, NOFX my fave band are touring here in early December, I have a signed T- shirt from them, will see them for the 10 th time.


Some Rap performers are pure poets, the way the string words together and stir the emotions in people. 


Take these guys for example 

When our second longest serving douchebag PM was voted out of both his office and electorate they wrote this song. 





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