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As we have seen over the past 50 years of history, our society is moving towards large unions to implement law and rule over nations.

eg. World bank, IMF, NATO, EU, AU, soon the NAU, etc...

I believe that while currently there are many fears about the rights and freedoms we may lose as an individual country, we gain a broader base of resources and strength through being led by a union which governs whole continents.

For instance look at Africa.

There is so much land and valuable assets there but the inability for governments to work with each other is absolutely remarkable. Imagine if whole regions of the continent were used for single purposes such as livestock, farming, forestry and so forth. You would be able to maintain a higher lever of sustainability and control finances easier. There would be guarantees of food and whatever else one would need.

It feels uncomfortable to think of Canada being dissolved but it will happen one day. When it does be sure that those in your family have been properly taught how to view society and how to let those that wish to fight against progress do it without them. There is always a place in society for a person that is willing to go above and beyond their abilities and expectations. There is nowhere to go for someone who has placed themselves inside a box of ideals which are upheld by the few and the weak.

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