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I really couldn't believe that when it came up. So, the pills aren't keeping you alive. One you don't need to take anymore, so you are permanently a beast physically. Congrats!  Oh, but you may be borderline retarded, so we better get the other pills. Looking back, that's when the Gilroy bros really botched it. Could they really not think of something better?

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Back to reviews, I guess.

The Brothers Solomon - 7/10

I watched it a few weeks ago. I should apologize ahead of time, because I know this film is absolutely terrible, but I put it in the same category as Idiocracy. As much as I love Will Arnett, I cannot help but smile when Will Forte is on the screen. He's so likeable.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

The Hobbit


It was an enjoyable movie for sure, I liked it, but if I had to rate it based on accuracy to the book it would be more like, 2/10, but I don't expect movies based on books to be word for word, that's just silly. However a few creative changes they made bothered me a bit and I wish they did it a bit more, by the book, the party at Bag End and the finding of the ring mostly, the Azog and Dol Guldur sub plots were fine, I always enjoy a deeper look into the Tolkien mythology.

I remember people complaining about the frames per second, personally I didn't notice anything.

Looking forward to the second part.

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