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Mercer County Courier

April 7, 2009

Dr. Lawrence Kutner died on Thursday, April 2nd from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 33 years old.

"Dr. Kutner was a hard working, young doctor with a kind, unassuming, gentle manner. He will be missed by all of us", said Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where Dr. Kutner worked.

Dr. Kutner was born in Freemont, California. Tragedy marred his early life as he lost his parents, Karamchand and Niki Baidwan, who were shot during an armed robbery. After a couple of years in foster care, Julia and Richard Kutner adopted Lawrence. He showed great promise in high school, winning a Westinghouse Science award for an experiment involving dark matter. His adoptive parents mused that he showed a freethinking, inventive streak from a young age.

Kutner received a full scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Physics. He then attended the University of Tel Aviv Medical School and completed an internship and residency in Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine through the University of Colorado. "He wanted to be a doctor since seeing 'M.A.S.H.' as a kid", said his close friend and colleague Dr. Chris Taub. "I think he modeled himself a little bit after Hawkeye Pierce."

Kutner's girlfriend Nicole Brewster remembered that Lawrence, being adopted and of Indian ancestry, always felt like an outsider. But she said he didn't resent it - instead, he felt the experience gained him added insight and perspective. This drew him to take atypical paths in his career and personal life. One such example is when he decided to break the world record for distance crawling. After a grueling 43 hours, he managed to crawl 20 miles, and earn himself a place in Guinness Book in 2002.

During his free time, Lawrence played water polo and swam competitively. He enjoyed science fiction and was a frequent participant in the Clarion Science Fiction Workshops.

Dr. Kutner is survived by his adoptive parents. A private Hindu celebration of his life was held yesterday.


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I just hope this wasn't some senseless killing just to make one good episode, I do hope that it does affect the plot for the next season or so. Penn's character had a huge role in the show for the last two seasons.

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^ it was a perfect way (in a strange context) to end the character, but couldn't they have maybe given his character at least another season? Lets face it, his character was awesome. This was a huge loss to the show, and it was too soon.

The Epiphany comes when House, in a fit of frustration, decides that they've missed something in the differential, or else they are idiots. 13 goes back to the basics by naming the things that could cause the newest infection and when she mentioned places, House recalls an earlier conversation. He marches to the POTW's room and instead of his usual song and dance, confronts FPOTW about her trip to Rio, which the MPOTW did not accompany her on because it was a dirty little secret. The infection was from sandflies that occur in Rio, not Hawaii - but the diagnosis comes too late. She flatlines as MPOTW kisses her hand.

The ending montage is one of the most powerful I've ever seen House pull off. The team attends the funeral except for Taub, who attends to the patients until FPOTW dies - when he finally breaks down sobbing. Meanwhile, House scours Kutner's apartment for any explanation for his suicide, stopping only to stare at a photo where Kutner's face is turned away from the camera, suggesting an inner life that couldn't be captured in any objective sense. Not even by those he spent the most time with. With Foreteen only reconnecting with each other at the Hindi services and Taub finally feeling a sympathetic emotion, House is the only one whose issues feel completely unresolved.

How did you react to the loss of Kutner? Personally, I thought out of all the cottages v2, Kutner was the only one that I would want anything to do with. He seemed to have interests outside the hospital while the rest only seem to exist in the two dimensional world of their workplace. Without Kutner's interjections of geek-centric humor what are we left with? 13's snottiness, Foreman's arrogance and Taub's indifference. How do you think this will change the series? Did the peek of next week make it seem like Cameron is going to be coming back on the team?

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i haven't watched this show since the 2nd season and then i turn it on today and kutner has apparently committed suicide

i was like wtf happened!

it's not as good a show as it used to be back when it was just foreman, chase and cameron

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