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2009 Canucks Playoffs Firefox Browser

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I just wanna give a big thumbs up on the 2009 Firefox browser. Holy, I just put my font in bold from a button on my laptop. I am in awe with how great the Canucks browsing has been upgraded. Keep up the good work guys.

I'm just trying to defeat this Cold so I can go back to work soon. I need to make some money. Oh great italics.

I'll probably be back on later. Hopefulls sans illness. le Vancouver Canucks. I went to French classes in my academic career where I went to Universty at UBC. I took up humanities. I forgot to mention that I'm a borderline genius.

I'm sorry. I'm too sick. Time to lay down again. I've got a really bad cold. I can't see my babies now. I need to rest. Try to get better and support my new family. I miss them so much.. She's staying at her parents and her dad is a douche. Doesn't like me because I was tired of being mistreated by my woman. I was gonna leave her to try and find someone who would be more grown up. Since she became pregnant I need to support her unconditionally. I am just hoping for the best at this point.

Okay. I need rest. Goodnight, but I am feeling better than the last message board posting. Nap time now.

Here's to recovery..

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