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Greetings to all web-artists out there. I was wondering if someone could make a sig [fitting of the dimensions outlined in the Board Rules] with my Username [Krazz]?

After Google-Imaging my Username [thanks to this topic], I came up with:


Could anyone make me something similar/unique such as this [since I don't just want to strip this off somewhere and call it my own. I'd rather be unique -- or in this case, carry someone else's artistic talent]? I don't need [or preferably, would not want] any Canucks related things on it, nor do I need anything too flashy. Just a standard, dark-themed [black/silver/white/grey focused] .jpg sig should do fine.

Proper credentials will be given, and I'll be able to hotlink the sig itself to the person's profile page if necessary.

Please PM if anyone comes up with anything, as I don't come by the Request forum all too often.

Thanks. :)

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