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*Disclaimer for Mods: I make no money at all from this, and I believe this is a fair advertisement. I've been a CDC member for a long time and I know some CDCers are great wealth's of hockey knowledge and figured some would see enjoyment in this. Please let it stay as this is in reality no different than a PS3 league but just doesn't involve people playing a hockey game!*

To start, STHS is a hockey simulator similar to eastside hockey manager, FHL or if you're really old school the hockey league simulator DOS program. Basically the theory behind these leagues is similar to a hockey pool but you keep your players, and upsets can happen. Players are assigned ratings that attempt to mimic their skills in the NHL, and than teams are placed against each other in simulation fashion, similar to the way it would be if you were simulating a season of NHL 2009. It's pretty dang fun if you have commitment for it. Each year the ratings of players get altered to reflect how they are doing in the real NHL.

Now with that explained, I have started a league recently the address is http://www.ufhlhockey.net and we are currently looking for GMs. At this point we have over half capacity at 16/30 GMs which are from 2 various other longstanding fantasy leagues on the web.

If it sounds like something you'd be interested in please visit the site and read the rules and fill out an application. I'm hoping some CDCers will be interested as the stuff is great fun. I personally have been doing it for over 7 years now and just recently decided to get a league of my own going - so I obviously have dedication for it.

So the link again is http://www.ufhlhockey.net .

For those of you familiar with this type of league we will be doing a dispersal draft (or fantasy draft) which means teams will start with 0 players so don't necessarily pick the team that will be the best or have the most players if you are interested

cheers, hope some of you have some interest!

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