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Need t.v advise


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okay so me and my brother went into Fs yesterday looking for a new phone and we saw http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetai...1846&catid= for 1000$ off on a two day instore sale. we thought it was amazing (not an expert of t.v's but i know the comon new stuff) and we convinced mom to go back today and she bought it at 1999$ + tax equaling ~ 2400 and sence it was on sale the 3 year warranty went from 639 to 339 and then the guy servering us brought it down to 279. we have to wait for 14 days for a new shipment so we do have time to make up our minds.

but for all you t.v experts what do you think of the stats on this t.v and do you think it was worth that price?

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