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NHL 09 League or EASHL - Xbox Live


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I posted this already in the Fantasy Hockey Forum but noone seems to go on it so I though i'd try here.

Well, I don't normally play NHL 09 online, but I'm extremely bored at the moment and fancied setting up my own league or EASHL team. Would anyone be interested? I'm pretty sh*t at it, so it would just be a bit of fun. It wouldn't matter how good you were, even if you've never won a game or played before. So no tryouts necessary either.

So yeah is anyone interested in setting up a league or team? If so let me know so I can see how many people we can get.

If not does anyone know any recreational/fun leagues that i can join?

EDIT: Ok, I set up a league anyway. Just search for CDC 09 10. I've chosen Vancouver as my team. If you want a place, post what team you want here and your gamertag and I'll update. I'll be online most nights for the next month until about 7 or 8 PT/ 10 or 11 ET. Hopefully we can get some people to join. there are 15 slots available.

1. Vancouver Canucks - sc1191 - Gamertag = craig2911

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