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(Sig request)

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I just have an idea of a sig, but I have never made one before. Thought its something best left to the pros.

Anyways, here are two ideas off the top of my head, both comical in nature:

The first idea: I wanted a sig lampooning the all time greatest leader Jarome Iginla. I wanted to call it captain visor, or a sig of Jarome with a big mouth due the yapping he does. They dont have to be the greatest sigs ever, just funny.

Second, I though of a sig with Darryl Sutter as a snake oil salesman and flames fans are the people getting hosed or some variation.

Either one of these ideas would be more than great, as I know the talent level of you creative forum posters are crazy good. I know I don't have the talent for such work. These are just rough ideas from myself, so if you think it needs anything else, you're the boss.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to another season.

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